Support Wild Wild WIT: Contribute to our silent auction

Hey there, cowpoke! You don’t need to rob a train or stage a stick-up to support Wild Wild WIT!

You can support the event by donating an item to our silent auction! The silent auction is a key part of our event, featuring a myriad of items and experiences provided by local businesses and members of the WIT community. We need your help in approaching businesses you patronize (your yoga studio, your go-to bar) or developing creative new items.

What are possible auction items?

  • A gift card to a business or restaurant (if you’re a regular somewhere, ask if they might be willing to make a donation)
  • A personal service you can provide (in the past we’ve offered music lessons, cooking classes, make-up services)
  • An improv-related service (like coaching) or “out of the box” experience (the ladies of Love Onion become your Grandma)

You can use this formal request letter to share more information about WIT and the event.

Got an idea? You can always email External Relations Director Dan Miller to get input on an idea or check to see if we’ve already approached the business you’re thinking of. Otherwise, you can submit the item now!




We’ll see you there!

February 25, 2020