Big news: Harold Night doubles in size

To accommodate the popularity and growth of Washington Improv Theater’s Harold Night, the weekly event will expand into two separate performances. Starting April 21, Harold Night will feature two back-to-back performances beginning at 8 PM.

The 8 PM show will feature a pair of performances by WIT’s Harold teams. The 9 PM show will feature a WIT Harold team as well as an opening act. These constantly changing opening acts will include performances by WIT ensembles, special projects, independent troupes, and out-of-town guests. If your act would like to be considered for an opening act slot, apply here. The 9 PM show will also include an improv jam.

The first opening act on April 21 will be the WIT project Extra! Extra!, created by WIT player Greg Tindale. This show uses current events as a springboard for a montage of improv scenes.

As always, Harold Night will remain a pay-what-you-can performance. If you would like to support Harold Night and keep it accessible to everyone, consider donating to WIT.


Every donation we receive this spring will be doubled thanks to a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

April 15, 2015