7:30 PM: Shakespeare Did It First

What’s been your favorite Disney live-action remake or Marvel movie this year? Whatever the flick, see it again as if Shakespeare wrote it himself.

Cast: Seth Alcorn, Steve Majors, Julia Gheorghiu, Erin Smith, Julia D’Ambrosi, John Miceli, Liz Crowther


7:46 PM: Improv Hotel 

Have you ever thought what Netflix’s Instant Hotel would be like if the locations, critiques, and drama were made up on the spot? That is this show!

Cast: Nathan Alston, Lori Pitts, Tawny Clark, Shawn Peabody, Sarah Liebman, Allison Shaw


7:57 PM: Press Play: Improv Crimes Unit

A Press Player is on trial for committing your most hated improv crimes. Is she guilty or innocent? You get to be the judge and jury during this fully improvised trial.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sabahat Chaudhary, Jon Chesebro, J.J. Jackson, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Matt Mansfield, and Jason Walther


8:08 PM: Follow the Lisa Presents: My Summer Vacation

Good luck describing a slide show of summer vacation pictures you’ve never seen!

Cast: Joseph Bailey, Elise Buckley, Grace Campion, Hugh Kelly, Tim Little, Christina Malliris, Alexander Mell-Taylor, James Ramadan, Lisa Silverman, David Standish


8:19 PM: Bunches of Brunches

A group of pals discuss their week at brunch while secretly having a pre-determined feeling towards each other (Love/Hate/Ignore).

Cast: Courtney Chinn, Sarah Armstrong, Marina Fang, Ishaan Goel


8:30 PM: Meanwhile, at Palooza

What conversations are happening in the audience at Palooza? This show will give you an intimate look, as these conversations will be on display, in front of you.

Cast: Blind Casting


8:41 PM: Bombay Vindaloo Director’s Cut

An Improvised Bollywood movie with director commentary.

Cast: Anuj Christian, Sharmistha Das, Shijit Dasgupta, Caroline Howe, Satish Pillalamarri, David Richman


8:52 PM: Improvised Survivor Tribal Council

As per all “Survivor” episodes, Jeff Probst will end this tribal council with the familiar phrase “The tribe has spoken!” Only this time, everything that has come before that will be improvised!

Cast: Ceci De Robertis, Abby Fu, Saleh Karaman, Sarah Liebman, Brianna Lux, Kristina Martinez, Dan Miller, Jordana Mishory, Eli Okun, Karyn Wilson


9:03 PM: Oh That Million Dollar Baby

See a non-traditional sport/activity get it’s 10 minutes of fame with this sports drama film created before your very eyes.

Cast: Stacey Axler, Kalynn Chambers, Bizzy Fain, Jeff Friedman, Tess Higgins, Brady Peters, Ray Simeon, Matt Strote, Tandra Turner, Chris Westfall


9:14 PM: In Conversation With My Dead Eggs: An IVF Journey

A freewheeling conversation with the children who weren’t meant to be

Cast: Catherine Deadman, Jules Duffy, Denny Johnson, Jonathan Murphy, Kate Symes


9:29 PM: Bouncy Character Bumper Balls

Remember hopper balls from childhood? This show will remind you just how much fun they are as cast members bounce away playing the characters the audience chooses!

Cast: Stacey Axler, Eileen Breslin, Caroline Howe, J.J. Jackson, Tucker Kibbey, Shawn Logue, Ryan McClure, Ben O’Hara, Kelsey Peters, Lisa Schreihart


9:36 PM: Heavy Emotation

Heavy Rotation has a lot of emotions and most of them are pain.

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Diego Hernandez, Jared Smith, Jason Walther, Karyn Wilson, Martin Steger, Neil Baron, Nicole Barrett, Richie Khanh, Spencer Orenstein, Tess Higgins, Erick Acuña


9:48 PM: World’s Greatest Detectives

An absurd murder has occurred and six of the world’s greatest detectives are both the only suspects and the ones to solve it.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Alex Kazanas, Jenna Hall, Jordana Mishory, Matt Berman, Justine Hipsky


9:59 PM: Face Off

What if you could only use one emoji for the rest of your life?

Cast: Blind Casting


10:10 PM: Dungeons & Dragons & Dating

Have you ever struggled to find a date? We will take you speed dating with the characters of a Dungeon and Dragons campaign. Our Dungeon Master wants us to find love on this quest, but will our characters be able to make it work? 

Cast: Scott Alexander, Krystal Ramseur, Elizabeth Hunt, David Jones, Mary Kidd, Lizzie Corcoran, Kennis Dees, Kyle Gildea, Angelica Grimaldi, Pablo Villar, Darien Smith, Rachel Jessue


10:21 PM: Should We Be A Team?

Four friends have talked about starting a team for over a year now. We’re finally done talking. Please help us decide if we should be a team.

Cast: Adam Bray, Kelly Krystyniak, Nic Small, Katie Watkins


10:26 PM: On Tap 

Don’t shuffle-ball-change that channel! These experienced tap dancers will be combining dance with improv!

Cast: Marissa Goodstone, Alice Lipowicz, Jordana Mishory, Katie Munn, Goli Samimi, Sam Schifrin, Madeline Turrini


10:37 PM: It’s My Turn

Have you ever seen an improv scene and thought, “I want to play!” Now’s your chance. Any member of the audience can tag themselves in and join the fun!

Cast: Jason Walther, Alex Kazanas, Jonathan Murphy, Erin Smith, Jamal Newman, Jane White, Jessica Norman, Amanda Hahn


10:48 PM: Gay Serial Part 1 

The first of four short vignettes about the life cycle of a relationship.

Cast: Dan Miller, Dan Milliken


10:51 PM: Lord of the Flies

See what happens when a rag-tag group of kids survives the apocalypse.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Caroline Chen, Molly Graham, Justine Hipsky, Scott Holden, Eva Lewis, Brianna Lux, Kelsey Peters


11:02 PM: Gay Serial Part 2

The second of four short vignettes about the life cycle of a relationship.

Cast: Dan Miller, Dan Milliken


11:05 PM: Flight School

Saul and Brady show you what had to happen in order for your flight to be so terrible.

Cast: Saul Malone, Brady Peters


11:12 PM: Gay Serial Part 3

The third of four short vignettes about the life cycle of a relationship.

Cast: Dan Miller, Dan Milliken


11:15 PM: Manic Pixie Dream Women

A couple meets cute. They fall in love. Then the girl goes to school so she can follow her dream career. We throw rom-com tropes on their head.

Cast: Rich Casey, Amanda Fulton, Lauren Gabel, Caroline Howe, Cate Minichino, Patrick Murray, Kelsey Peters, Lisa Schreihart, Heather Marie Vitale, Alex Waddell, Samantha Watson


11:26 PM: Gay Serial Part 4

The last of four short vignettes about the life cycle of a relationship.

Cast: Dan Miller, Dan Milliken


11:29 PM: Tragic Moments in Football (Soccer) History

Journey with football’s (soccer’s) top commentators as they view tragic moments from the video archives.

Cast: Erick Acuña and Seth Payne