7:30 PM Once Upon A _____
Once upon a ____, in a town called ____, a bunch of _____ liked to ____ every day, until one day…. you tell us the rest! An improvised show with narration added for extra fun.

Cast: Daniel Barrera, Elizabeth Cutler, Genevieve Dabrowski, Meghan Faulkner, Jonah Gordon, Julia Gross, Anna Nelson, Ben O’Hara, Hannah Piper, Mikki Smith, Matt Strote.

7:44 PM Melanin Adrenalin
POC improvisers doing super fast, super fun improv. No white people.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Samiyyah Ali, Daniel Barrera, Anuj Christian, Ceci De Robertis, Darnell Eaton, Adrian Gastón Garcia, Nina Hsu, Jasmine Jiang, Richie Khanh, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Nick Martinez, Krystal Ramseur, Nic Small, Simone Webster, Slli’m Williams.

7:55 PM Is It Worth It? Let Me (Object) Work It.
A single-elimination tournament to crown the champion of realistic object work.

Cast: Katie O’Donnell + 10 Blind Cast members.

8:06 PM A Demonstration of Workplace Leadership
Ryan and Richie put their workplace’s leadership training to good use: improv comedy.

Cast: Richie Khanh, Ryan McClure.

8:11 PM Baby Just Say Yes
Baby Just Say Yes…And. Taylor wants you to and so do we. Watch us play homage to little known artist, Taylor Swift, by only speaking in lyrics from Taylor’s songs.

Cast: Samiyyah Ali, Adam Levine, Jessica Norman, Kelsey Peters, Jared Smith.

8:20 PM Florida Man vs Australia Man
We will take headlines from Australia and Florida and re-enact a scene where both people meet!

Cast: Cassandra Copello, Shijit Dasgupta, Shawn Logue, Ben O’Hara, Hannah Piper, and David Richman.

8:29 PM Heavy Flotation
It’s April 14, 1912. The Titantic is sinking and yet, the band plays on. What really happened in the final moments before the ship went down?

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sarah Baldwin, Nicole Barrett, Diego Hernandez Richie Khanh, Katie O’Donnell, Spencer Orenstein, Molly Scott, Jared Smith, Martin Steger, Adrianne Thomas, Jason Walther.

8:44 PM FAQueue
Oy! Standing in queue, I am, I am! Noth’in to do, but ask some questions!

Cast: John Carroll, Geoff Corey, Madeline Dozier, Precious Jenkins, Kristina Martinez, Jordana Mishory, Simone Webster, Steph Wilson.

8:55 PM Antics Roadshow
Part (made-up) adventure, part (made-up) history lesson, part (made-up) treasure hunt: ANTICS ROADSHOW travels the WIT stage in search of hidden gems, surprising collectibles, and dumb oddities.

Cast: Alex Abbott, Jasmine Jiang, Shawn Logue, Christine Lowther Olinger, Ryan McClure, Anna Nelson, David Richman, Macey Schiff.

9:06 PM The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Aunt Viv’s Revenge
Trapped unexpectedly in their own home, the family is caught off guard when the OLD Aunt Viv is back…for her REVENGE. They must pit their smarts and knowledge of horror movies against the murderous Aunt Viv to stay alive!

Cast: Darnell Eaton-Carlton, Eva Lewis-Aunt Viv, Jamal Newman-Geoffrey, Krystal Ramseur-Ashley, Simon Webster-Hilary, Eddison Wilkinson-Will, TBD-Jazzy Jeff, TBD- Uncle Phil

9:21 PM The Go-Getters
The Go-Getters love taking action – they’ll use suggestions from the audience about what inspires them for an unforgettable improvised experience that truly gets people thinking.

Cast: Elizabeth Cutler, Martin Steger.

9:26 PM Uncle Cordless
Ring ring! Pick up the phone! Uncle Gorgeous is calling!

Cast: Samiyyah Ali, Joey Breems, Tara Demmy, Tom Di Liberto, Madeline Dozier, Mikail Faalasli, Kristina Martinez, Jordana Mishory, Kelsey Peters.

9:41 PM Krystal’s L3 Class Presents: Wombat Zone
See what happens when characters are inspired by real-life… ANIMALS!

Cast: Mary Ellen Dingley, Shea Hermann, Cassie Hoffman, Kendall Hollimon, Joshua Kravitz, Sam Lipsey, Krystal Ramseur, Stephen Stahr, Isaac Stone, Damund Williams.

9:52 PM Karaoke Camp
A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by going to Karaoke Camp every summer. But while their vocals are next-level, is camp drama any better than what they’re trying to escape at Glee club – er, I mean – at high school?

Cast: Bethany Coan, Lauren Cross, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Liz Hoke, Alex Kazanas, Mike Kopalek, Bri Lux, Macey Schiff, Eddison Wilkinson, Lauren Woody.

10:07 PM El Duo: Switcheroo
Bilingual improv can be constantly changing up on you!

Cast: Erick Acuna, Ceci De Robertis

10:16 PM LIZARD GIRL Presents: Primetime on the CW
Catch an all new premiere of the most gut wrenching drama filled show about teens, brought to you by the CW.

Cast: Mikey Blunschi, Patrick Fluery, Shealy Molpus, Jessica Norman, Krystal Ramseur, Bryce Sligner, Jared Smith.

10:31 PM Metapalooza, or Six Characters in Search of an Improviser
What happens when six improvisers dress up for their own palooza show but don’t tell the others until they’re all on stage.

Cast: Blind casting.

10:42 PM The Bear 
See how Michelin star rated chefs tackle every day problems.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Jasmine Jiang, David Richman, Sam Ruback, Tarun Sinha, Matt Strote, Heather Marie Vitale.

10:53 PM Wednesdays
They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky. An entire show full of Wednesday Addamses.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Caroline Chen, Jenna Hall, Devin Hiett, Liz Hoke, Nina Hsu, Jordana Mishory, Macey Schiff, Bethany Stokes, Elaine Tinkelman, Simone Webster.

11:04 PM The Broken Bones Presents: Moving Bodies
WIT’s ensemble ‘The Broken Bones’ while perform a super physical show with only one caveat: They cannot move on their own, and audience members will move them around like mannequins.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Neil Baron, Geoff Corey, Darnel Eaton, Eva Lewis, Kristina Martinez, Kelsey Peters.

11:15 PM Matron Saints 
Matron Saints organically improvises characters, relationships and worldviews with a loving but irreverent eye on our source material. The set is anchored by a Steel Magnolias monoscene where several characters discuss the world in Truvy’s salon, with sliding doors into longer life event scenes. We strive for laughter through tears but just laughter is ok too.

Cast: Morgan Burris, Emmy Harvey.

11:25 PM Clare and Krystal Sell Our Shit
A good old-fashioned auction to support WIT.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Clare Mulligan.

11:36 PM Hello and Welcome to MovieFone
A surreal improvised American-based moving pictures listing and information service that will break your brain.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Neil Baron, Geoff Corey, Robin Doody, Madeline Dozier, Jenna Hall, Adam Levine, Nick Martinez, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Jared Smith, Bethany Stokes, Eddison Wilkinson.

11:46 PM First Date, Last Text
Ever second guess a text to someone you just started dating? Feel that its hard to tell someone how you feel after a first date? Worried that whatever you say next could mean the end to your future relationship with the perfect date?! Us too! Help consult alongside a expert to co-author the most perfect response after a player’s first date.

Cast: Madeline Dozier, Meghan Faulkner, Devin Hiett, Rae Lang.

11:53 PM Law yes& Order
Watch these witnesses do object work until the officers’ questions are DUN DUN!

Cast: Geoff Corey, Jordana Mishory, Simone Webster.

12:00 AM The Eras Tour (5-Minute Version)
Meet us at midnight.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Kelsey Peters.

12:05 AM TumbleWET
Here is the TumbleWET blurb: A western standoff with water guns. Many enter, one stays dry.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Joshua Carter, Diego Dew, Madeline Dozier, Armin Haracic, Dan O’Neil, Aubrey Peterson, Joe Randazzo, Arielle Rich, Chels Shorte, Bethany Stokes, Matt Strote.

12:16 AM Sharon and Darren Solve Your Problems
You can ask the characters on stage questions and they will provide answers.

Cast: Stacey Axler and Heather Marie Vitale.

12:23 AM Oliver Twister
Food, glorious food! What happens when you mash up Oliver Twist and a beloved board game?

Cast: Blind casting.

12:28 AM Clare Mulligan Is Your Distant But Well-Meaning Dad
This show might make you feel loved, but it definitely won’t make you feel understood.

Cast: Blind casting.

12:33 AM The Ultimate Queer Game Show
Two teams go head-to-head to see who is the Ultimate Queer Game Show champion. Last Year’s champion returns to the game.

Cast: Krystal & Samiyyah Ali + Blind Casting Group.

“Na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batmobile”

Cast: Darnell Eaton, Mikail Faalasli, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory, Kacie Peterson.

12:49 AM Cruciferous
The VeggieTales of Your Nightmares.

Cast: Kelsey Peters, Mike Frank.

12:55 AM Edible A-Rate-Ment
Three hungry “podcast hosts” will eat anything you give them and rate it live on stage.

Cast: Bethany Coan, Alex Kazanas, Clare Mulligan.

1:00 AM Mad Libs Eulogy
Help Nicole eulogize herself – mad libs style!

Cast: Nicole Barrett.

1:05 AM Ian Mal-Come on In Here
A show of all Ian Malcolms. These improvisers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. The result: CHAOS THEORY.

Cast: John Carroll, Geoff Corey, Molly Graham, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory, Clare Mulligan, Macey Schiff, Matt Strote.

1:10 AM The Kinsey Scale: Zero to Hero
What does it take to be more than a zero on the Kinsey Scale?

Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Jenna Hall.

1:15 AM SAU 21 D.A.R.E Program
The top D.A.R.E. Officers teach you how to “just say no to drugs.”

Cast: Adam Levine, Ryan McClure.

1:20 AM What Happened While I Was Gone?
Jordana Mishory gives a brief overview of the past six years of DC improv news and gossip.

Cast: John Carroll, Jordana Mishory.

1:26 AM Undone
Pull this thread as I walk away.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Tara Demmy, Madeline Dozier, Kevin Eggleston, Kara Kinsey, Clare Mulligan, Kelsey Peters, Sarah Herhold.

1:36 AM Melanin Melatonin
A sleepy late night slumber party for BIPOC improvisers.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Jasmine Jiang, open call/blind cast of BIPOC improvisers.

1:41 AM Orcas!
Killer show! Killer whales!

Cast: Sarah Baldwin, Ryan Campbell, Madeline Dozier, Craig Gagel, Aaron Harris, Mason Heilman, Devin Hiett, Jordana Mishory, Macey Schiff, Bethany Stokes, Matt Strote, Leslie Turner, Eddison Wilkinson.

1:47 AM Dad Watches the History Channel
See an improvised tour of history!

Cast: Geoff Corey, Isaac Stone, and more.

1:52 AM Les WITérables: A Les Mis Singalong
Do you hear the people sing?

Cast: Samiyyah Ali, Sarah Baldwin, Meredith Garagiola, Daymond Guillaume, Jasmine Jiang, Ryan McClure, Jordana Mishory, Kathleen M. O’Donnell, Christine Lowther Olinger, David Richman, Michelle Safro Smith, Jeff Waggett.

1:55 BirdProv
Improv by birds.

Cast: Madeline Dozier, Kae Tvrdy.

2:00 AM 2nd Annual Fart-A-Thon: A WIT Fundraiser
There’s a reason the word fart contains “art”.

Cast: Blind casting.

The best defense is a good offer.

Cast: Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Madeline Dozier, Ryan McCloskey.

2:10 AM Lord of the Things
For this quest, Frodo has our sword and our bow and our axe. AND SO MANY MORE THINGS.

Cast: Kathryn Evans, Meghan Faulkner, Sarah Herhold, Ryan McClure, Jordana Mishory, Chris Olinger, Shawn Peabody, Hannah Piper, Heather Marie Vitale, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez.

2:15 AM Can’t Bear the Thought
Let’s face it. Bears find bear puns, well… unbearable.

Cast: Alex Abbott, Amber Bellsdale, Shijit Dasgupta, Christina Ferrari, Carlic Huynh, Julia Gross, Shawn Logue, Ben O’Hara, Christine Lowther Olinger, Andrea Mosee, Lisa Schreihart, DW Williams.

2:20 AM Threat Level Midnight
If all you know about improv is that one episode of The Office, this is the show for you.

Cast: Hannah Piper + blind cast.

2:25 AM 🤠YEEHAW🤠
An improvised period piece that feels like a cross between Sweet Home Alabama and Mars Attacks.

Cast: Devin Hiett, Kelsey Peters, Madeline Dozier, Rae Lang, Ryan McCloskey, Samiyyah Ali.