From afar, Love Onion looks like just another dirty root vegetable. But slice that baby open and you’ll find a loving heart surrounded by an emotional support system of vitamin C, calcium and iron. And that's a fact.

Hear what people are saying about Love Onion:

“All I want for Christmas.” – Mariah Carey

“The doors always open, just tell me when!” -Lorne Michaels

“Here they are now, entertaining!” -Kurt Cobain

“The only reason I’d go back into a theater” -Abraham Lincoln

“Wanna be the Poppa, you can be the Mom. Uh Oh!” – Sean Paul

“No soggy bottoms here!” – Mary Berry

“The sound of two hands clapping” -a Buddhist monk

“Don’t wake me.” -Daddy

“They knelt for the National Anthem but I stayed anyway!” -Vice President Mike Pence

“They drive me nuts” – a pirate with two steering wheels in his pants