Jordana Mishory

Jordana Mishory comes to WIT following nearly a dozen years as an award-winning journalist in Washington, D.C. and South Florida.

Prior to starting as WIT’s operations manager, Jordana spent seven years reporting on acquisition, auditing, and IT reform at the Defense Department with Inside the Pentagon. And while at the Daily Business Review in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Jordana covered a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme and exposed judicial wrongdoing. Her stories led to the institution of more diversity training for judges and were the first to probe how Florida’s secretive judicial watchdog agency operated behind closed doors.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Jordana has served on the District Improv Board since 2014, overseeing the selection committee and helping to organize the annual festival.

A long-time WIT teacher and coach, Jordana performs with House Ensemble Love Onion and with the 2016 production of POTUS Among Us. Jordana has also performed with indie teams Cake Bagel, Sweater Kittens and Jos. A. Banksy, among others. She helped plan Improvapalooza for four years and firmly believes it should be a national holiday.

Jordana Mishory spent her 15th birthday playing improv freeze tag with her theater buddies. Prophetic, really, because now it's a party every week creating scenes with Fisticuffs!

A graduate of Washington Improv Theater’s training program, Jordana teaches at WIT and plays with indie troupe Cake Bagel, all-female super-group Sweater Kittens and former WIT Harold Team People Like Us — where she spends most of her time onstage trying not to giggle at her hilarious teammates. Jordana also has trained at UCB Theatre in New York. She’s performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, District Improv Festival, and the Del Close Marathon.

Jordana cooks, cleans and fishes more in scenes than she does in real life. Despite loving to make things up, she couldn’t come up with a better name for her cat than Namey.

Photo by Darian Glover

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My Mom

Jordana Mishory's improv journey began in 2011 when she said “yes, and” to signing up for a WIT class.

She then promptly fell in love with the art form and its community and went on to complete the school’s training program. Jordana performs with WIT Harold Team Fisticuffs, indie troupe Cake Bagel, all-female super-group Sweater Kittens, and former WIT Harold Team People Like Us — where she spends most of her time onstage trying not to giggle at her hilarious troupemates. She has also performed in Improvapalooza, Seasonal Disorder and FIST shows, tackling such weighty issues as R. Kelly’s “hip-hopera,” the Sweet Valley Twins and the meaning of Hanukkah.

Jordana sees improv as a great way to unlock the fun inside and can’t wait to help new students fall in love with it, too!

Student Feedback

“Jordana is passionate about improv–she made the class a lot of fun and pushed me to try new ways of playing.”

“Jordana is great! Very patient, animated and fun-loving. She included everyone and facilitated tons of fun games and activities!”

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Goldfish and orange juice
Best Dance Move
The Assisted Breath, as made popular in the final dance battle in "Step Up 2: The Streets" and season four of "So You Think You Can Dance"