Adam Koussari-Amin

Adam began his improv journey a few years ago with WIT and has been making it up as he goes along ever since.

Graduate of WIT curriculum (summa cum naugh-de), he’s captained indie troupe Prettier Than You since its inception, performed with Neighbors, and is also currently one of the gurls of Ugh.

Adam is from the mean streets of suburban New York, where he did hard time wearing JNCO jeans and listening to angst-rock. Everyone can reform, though, and now he’s wearing clothes tighter than a face lift, DJing electropop.

Hidden talent
I'm really good at Marvel vs. Capcom
Personal Hero
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Adam Koussari-Amin is the People Operations Manager for Learning Objects, a learning innovation partner with higher education and learning science expertise that collaborates with institutions and other education providers to deliver competency-based, personalized, and adaptive learning at scale.

Before joining Learning Objects, Adam worked as a senior business analyst and senior HR business partner at the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), in addition to extensive experience as a program manager within Marketing Services for MarketBridge, a sales and marketing consulting firm. In his personal time, Adam has spent the past four years running promotional events in several DC nightlife spaces.

Originally from NY, Adam has dual Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Economics from the University of Virginia. Adam is also part of the improv community, having performed for over 3 years, and now part of WIT’s Harold team, Richie.

Favorite Word
Personal Motto
There's a movie or TV quote for every situation.