Love Onion

From afar, Love Onion looks like just another dirty root vegetable. But slice that baby open and you’ll find a loving heart surrounded by an emotional support system of vitamin C, calcium and iron. And that's a fact.

Love Onion is a bunch of weirdos. They embrace strong commitments by mapping Lil’ Jon’s “WHAT? YEAH! OKAY! LET’S GO!” paradigm to scene structures. Love Onion also displays a penchant for progressive social commentary through playfulness and by rejecting stereotypical choices in favor of ideas that push the team’s intellectual and creative boundaries.

If you’re in the market to (a) eavesdrop on an honest dialogue between cleaning supplies in a broom closet, (b) witness a marital spat resolve itself through animal sacrifice to a fictional diety, or (c) blur the lines between high society and our society’s homeless population at a mimed fashion show – peel off a layer of Love Onion!