Every night improvisers work together to produce a completely original product that delights audiences. At the core of that work is great teamwork, built on effective communication between team members, trust, support, and individuals feeling connected and committed to the full ensemble.

Team building activities often follow a simple recipe: get the whole team together, do something different, and then just hope that good teamwork springs up in its wake. WIT@Work takes a more comprehensive and effective approach to team building:

Active, Engaging, & No PowerPoint!

WIT@Work workshops have participants up-on-their-feet, actively engaging in applied improv exercises that introduce and rehearse the knowledge, skills, and habits that make for great team work.

Trust Us, No Trust Falls!

Our workshops draw on terrific applied improv activities and exercises for plenty of “aha! moments” and none of the “ugh, no” cliche awkwardness often associated with team building activities.

Yes, And!

Improv’s core principle of “yes, and” can help your group get out of the rut of negativity and move toward greater support and collaboration. Groups learn to work better by working together.

Whole Ensemble Approach!

Before every improv performance, troupes gather backstage and let every member of the ensemble know, “I’ve got your back.” Applied improv exercises can help build this sense of connection and support within your own group.

Research Matters!

WIT@Work workshops are connected to modern writing and research on effective team building and collaboration. Following every WIT@Work workshop, participants receive a follow-up email with links to research and literature connected to the skills and principles covered.

Experience Matters!

Washington Improv Theater is one of the largest improv training centers in the United States and has been leading applied improv training for 15 years. WIT@Work has a phenomenal team of trainers, and our WIT@Work Director holds a Ph.D, and has over a decade of experience designing, delivering, and overseeing professional training and graduate education focused on collaboration, communication, and innovation. Adding to that experience is our extensive client list, spanning a broad range of business and public sectors. Our clients include Deloitte, Marriott, Time Warner, Cisco Systems, Ogilvy,Brookings Institute, McDermott Will & Emery, Burness Communications, Goodwill Industries International, Modus Hotels, American Chemical Society, George Washington University, George Mason University, IREX, KPMG, ACDI/VOCA, Truman National Security Project, Center for Global Development, The World Bank, and The American Red Cross




At the global consulting firm’s company-wide annual retreat, WIT@Work designed and led a two-hour workshop that engaged the full company in applied improv exercises and learning designed to reinforcing and rehearsing the core values company leadership wanted to bring forward in the coming year

McDermott Will & Emery


A wide range of law firms use WIT@Work to achieve everything from improved communication to better collaboration. McDermott Will & Emery is a repeat client who bring us in to work to their summer associates. Improv helps these new team members have a compelling and engaging first connection with the firm.

We will tailor the teambuilding workshop to fit your time constraints. Typically, teambuilding workshops last between 1.5 and 3 hours.
We have run workshops for groups ranging in size from five to five hundred participants.
Yes! We’re happy to travel to your site. All that’s needed is an open space large enough for the whole group (or multiple break-out groups) to stand in a large circle. Ideally there is also seating around the outer edge of the room. We’re also happy to travel outside the DC region and have led WIT@Work workshops across the US and internationally.
Yes! WIT@Work is based out of Source (1835 14th St. NW), and we can host the training in one of our classrooms or the theater space itself. If hosted at the theater, additional space rental charges will apply.
Cost varies by length of time, number of participants, and site location. If you fill out this form (link to query) we can quickly get back to you with additional information and a price quote. We do our best to work with your training goals, time constraints, and budget.

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