Sara Rouhi

Sara Rouhi has been studying, teaching and performing at WIT since 2010 when she took her first Level 1 class and never looked back.

Since then she has been a cast member of Improv Actually, Madeline, and Richie (as Harold Teams). Her independent long-form homes are with Sistine Robot (alongside Elise Webb, Joe Randazzo, Dan Miller, Jonathan Murphy, and Paul Hitlin) and IRL (Lauren Cross, Alex Kazanas, Elise Webb, Paul Hitlin, Julia Rocchi, Jason Walther, and Jamie Lantinen). Watch her with the Robots for zany, out of this world comedy that includes falling into parallel universes with talking animals. Come and see IRL for grounded “reality” based improv that finds the funny in the everyday.

She’s been told she’s a Pirate, she loves her some object work, and when in doubt, will find a way to name a scene partner “Horatio.” Who, what, where, baby. #improvfortheatergeeks Follow her for improv, politics, and scholcomm on Twitter @RouhiRoo

Photo by Darian Glover

Hidden talent
Recreating a posh British accent
Favorite Historical Figure
Elizabeth II