John Schmitz

John Schmitz tends to make life decisions flying by the seat of his pants. He doesn't plan things in advance very well; he keeps his expectations relatively non-existent; and he doesn't know what comes next. But that's what makes a good improviser...right?

John began taking classes at WIT in the summer of 2015 when a co-worker just finished Harold class and he asked, “Well was it worth it? Should I try it?” She said yes (as improvisers do), and his life with WIT began. By level 2, John made excuses to spend more time at shows by volunteering in the tech booth. When he’s not making up scenes on stage, he enjoys the opportunity to subtly play-in on them with the lights.

John spent four years after college working in physical therapy, before drastically switching his career path entirely. In 2017, he decided to take his 15 years of springboard diving experience and put it to good use as a show diver at carnivals, amusement parks, and anywhere else it might apply. In his down-time, John keeps up his adventurous spirit by picking up odd hobbies such as unicycling, slacklining, and drawing abstract art. He can also sometimes be found bicycling across the country and camping out in strangers’ back yards because “why not?”

Favorite snack
Anything smothered in chocolate
Hidden talent
The splits