Isabelle Solomon

Isabelle started doing improv to determine what it meant to have a hobby outside of “reading” and other things you are forced to do in school.

She completed the WIT curriculum in 2019 and joined the Harold program soon after. She has competed in FIST and performed in two improvised dramas: The Heist (Capital Fringe Fest and Seasonal Disorder) and Cabin Affair (DC Arts Center). In 2020, she co-created the webseries A Rona Election and joined the And, Scene! ensemble. Isabelle most recently became a co-director for And, Scene! and joined the improvised musical ensemble Heavy Rotation. She loves incorporating physical comedy into her improv, and your desire for her to do so is irrelevant.

In her “free time,” Isabelle loves watching musicals, talking about literature, and reminding you she held out on making an Instagram until 2019. She’s also a proud Hufflepuff and dog mom.

Current Ensembles
Personal Motto
"We should grab coffee soon!"
Hidden Talent
Making balloon animals