Clyde Thompson

Clyde is a native Washingtonian and started taking classes at WIT after a friend suggested he would enjoy it.

Clyde took his first improv workshop in 2017, then took WIT level one class a year later, finally completing the curriculum in March 2020. He has performed in shows with various organizations in the DC area, including the Armed Services Arts Partnership and Laugh Index Theater. He has performed on the WIT stage with The Cookout, Hold Up, and Your Town. He is a founding member of indie team Cute and Snobby and made it to the 2022 FIST finals with Baggage Claim.

Clyde is a professional busy body. Outside of regular job, he puts on community service events for under-served communities with The Mission Continues, writes a column in the East of the River Magazine (Darren Be Scheming), and is the founder of the East River Dog Park Group 501(C)(3) where he has been advocating for the first and only dog park East of the Anacostia River. He enjoys submitting himself for awards in his free time and hanging out with his Bull mastiff/Rottweiler dog, Barrow.

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Fun Fact
I am the Godfather of Flag Day
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Flag Day