Béatrice Leydier

Béatrice started doing theater in the 5th grade after her parents had refused to buy her the shiny (objectifying?) outfits of the ice skating team.

She hasn’t returned to an ice rink but hasn’t left the boards ever since, and moved from theater to improv in college with the Fatales Patates at HEC Paris. She finished the WIT curriculum in 2018, and is a cofounding member of the indie team 37 Puppies.

Béatrice moved to DC in 2015 “just for a year and a half” for a master’s degree, and then a job, and every year she has been telling her friends and family in France that she’ll be coming back “probably next year.”

Photo by James Jelin

Favorite Trick
Writing the letter é with an American keyboard (in 3 shortcuts)
Favorite Animal
Girafenêtre (I made it up in 3rd grade and it looks beautiful)