NOON: Slumber Party

If you’re not a morning person, you hate having conversations right when you wake up. See what it’s like when that’s EVERY conversation.

Cast: Chris Lewitzke, Isabelle Solomon, Lauren Kienzle, Stephanie Bragdon, Anne Jordan, Turner Meeks


12:16 PM: Mystery Scarf Presents: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

Did The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants leave you wanting more? Come find out about the sisterhood who’s not afraid to accessorize with a mystery scarf!

Cast: Kristin Brown, Dina Finkel, Abby Fu, Catherine Grothus, J.J. Jackson, Ami Krasner


12:27 PM: Thunderspike Presents: Disaster Movie

When lightning strikes – or a tsunami crashes, or an asteroid hits – Thunderspike springs into action.

Cast: Andy Blomme, Graceanna Enzinger, Andrea Erhart, Patrick Hayden, Eli Okun, Kacie Peterson, Jon Ryan, Nate Sans, Catherine Shelton


12:38 PM: Improv Olympics

Watch improvisers representing countries around the world compete for Olympic glory and gold.

Cast: Erick Acuña (Peru), Nicole Barrett (Australia), James Jelin (Britain), Spencer Leonard (Cuba), Beatrice Leydier (France), Bill Nelson (Scotland), Erin Smith (Ireland), Jared Smith (USA), Jason Walther (host), Samantha Watson (Brazil)


12:49 PM: Emotional Roller Coaster

Watch as improvisers scenes get derailed by the sudden imposition of a new emotion.

Cast: Jack Barnes, Rachel Cole, John Fleury, Judy Oyedele, Jennifer Thomas, Clarissa Zies, Samantha Watson


1:00 PM: How We Built This

Two entrepreneurs with an unusual business discuss how they built their company together.

Cast: Kim Borowicz, Brent Buxton


1:05 PM: HIVE

The purest expression of improv. Eleven minds. All together. First as one. Then not. Then together again.

Cast: Brian Callahan, Linnea Duvall, Chris Fichman, Elsa Hoffacker, Max Holtz, Sam Jackson, Adam McKiernan, Jonathan Murphy, Nathan Naimark, Erik Pechuekonis, Reem Seliem, Dane St Clair


1:16 PM: Look What I Can Do: Talent Showcase

Run of scenes where each improviser brings their physical, vocal, or other hidden talents onstage.

Cast: Blind Casting


1:27 PM: WITtle Ones

Improvisers perform with their small children and babies!

Cast: Jeff Bollen (with Keira, 1.5 years), Rich Casey (with Quinn, 4 months), Sabahat Chaudhary (with Raif, 3.5 years), Ceci De Robertis (with Luna and Auelio, 1 year), Tom Di Liberto (with Thomas, 3.5, and Tanner, 1), Yotam Gingold (with Orli, 3, and Avi, 9 months), Lisa Kays (with David, 4, and Lucas, 9 months), Katie Lazo (with Amelia, 5, and Lucy, 6), Matt Mansfield (20 months), Dan Miller (with Anoosh, 5 months), Molly Murchie (with Evelyn, 4), Patrick Murray (with Logan, 23 months), Joe Randazzo (with Gaspare, 5, and George, 1), Julia Rocchi (with James, 10 months), Allison Yolo (with Shea, 2.5 years)


1:36 PM: Isabel and Diego: We Know So Little

Isabel and Diego play to the top of their intelligence on common-sense topics they are inexplicably clueless about.

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Diego Hernandez


1:47 PM Even Bigger Booty

In a warm up game that everyone loves, place your bets on who will be “out” and who will stay “in.” The losers of this game of Big Booty have a special challenge: they need to perform improv… FOR YOU

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Stacey Axler, Geoff Blizzard, Justin Carty, Rich Casey, Bizzy Fain, Em Fiske, Abigail Fu, Meredith Garagiola, Devon Grams, Rosie Grant, Conor Halloran, Dana Malone Heiser, Caroline Howe, Joseph Iannuzzi, J.J. Jackson, James Jelin, Beatrice Leydier, Shawn Logue, Clare Mulligan, Katie Munn, Erin Briana Murray, David Richman, Sabrina Shahmir, Kris Shenenberger, Matthew Taylor Strote, Kristen Timko, Jason Walther, Vic Whitten


1:58 PM: QuitterCat

Women paying homage to women. We’ll read our own horrible teenage writing and follow those ridiculous premises into scenes, a la Hellcat’s old format.

Cast: Sanaa Abrar, Molly Graham, Jenny Koch, Tonya Jordan, Andrea Quach, Karyn Wilson


2:09 PM: Mad Libs LIVE!!!

An audience-created mad libs story comes to life.

Cast: Stephanie Bragdon


2:20 PM: Blue Links

Wikipedia racing, except all the facts are made up.

Cast: Chris Fichman, Aimee Imundo, BuckMcKay, Matt Pacino, Sophie Weitz


2:31 PM: It Used to Be 1a and 1b

Four older improvisers reminisce on WIT’s history from long ago.

Cast: Molly Murchie, Patrick Murray, Joe Randazzo, Jason Walther


2:38 PM: Inside Out (aka Getting Stuck in Your Head)

Getting through life ain’t easy, especially when the many facets of your personality are duking it out over how you should act.

Cast: Niv Elis, Matt Coit, Maddie Black, Kalynn Chambers, Ayala Pourat, Max Makovetsky, Taylor Kniffin, Alex Waddell, Lauren Wason


2:49 PM: School Bus

Come on kids, it’s time to get on the bus!

Cast: Jared Smith, Blind Casting


3:00 PM: Ms. Chartreuse: Future Psychic

Using her psychic abilities, Ms. Chartreuse will find the audience members that are calling to her and ask them what they are seeking knowledge about. Be it palm reading, tarot cards, or just harnessing the energy of the room, she will have no problem “seeing” the answer to their question. Satisfaction is possible, but not guaranteed.

Cast: Em Fiske


3:05 PM The Improv Royale Rumble

Based on the classic professional wrestling format “The Royal Rumble,” watch 13 improvisers enter one by one to see who is the true Improv Royale Rumble Champion.

Cast: Ruth Elizabeth Diaz, Alex Galloway, Keenan Gibson, John Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Katie Lazo, Miranda Newman, Joe Randazzo, Eric Schlein, Morgan Smalley, Isabelle Solomon, Alex Waddell, Clarissa Zies


3:20 PM: Wheel of Improv

Improv with randomization.

Cast: Mikey Re, Matt Pacino, Ian Kitchens, Heidi Obermeyer, Steven Gabaeur


3:27 PM: Murchie Family Improv Jamboree

The Murchie family homeschools their children exclusively in improv. Let us show you! No, it’s not a cult.

Cast: Molly Murchie, Colin Murchie, Clare Mulligan, Vic Whitten


3:38 PM: Poetic Weesistance

See what happens when we take a poem written by a child and turn it into improv scenes.

Cast: Caroline Chen, Ceci De Robertis, Heather Marie Vitale, J.J. Jackson, Jason Walther, Krystal Ramseur, Richie Khanh, Analía Gómez Vidal, Erick Acuña Pereda


3:53 PM: This Podcast Brought to You By

See what happens when the ads you hear during your daily podcast come alive.

Cast: Kate Symes, Bam Alston, Alex Waddell, Adam Levine, Justin Carty, Tess Higgins, Niv Ellis, Matt Coit, Sarah Liebman, Patrick Murray, Jack Lewis, Max Makovetsky, Alex Kazanas


4:00 PM: Scot Free

Three criminals improvising after a crime. What’s the crime? You, the audience, decides.

Cast: Stacey Alxer, Ashley Siebels, Reem Selim


4:11 PM: Now How Come That Wouldn’t Work?

Engineer-by-training Anna Ross solves an audience member’s problem LIVE using an engineer’s approach.

Cast: Anna Ross


4:16 PM: Massage Train Monoscene

All aboard! These ladies have each others’ backs — literally — as they work through interpersonal issues while part of a super long massage train.

Cast: Caroline Chen, Abby Fu, Molly Graham, Justine Hipsky, J.J. Jackson, Angela Karpieniak, Olivia Martinez, Jordana Mishory, Erin Murray, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Liz Sanders, Simone Webster, Clarissa Zies


4:27 PM: ARRRship Odyssey

The cast of Starship Odyssey takes a very different ship out for a piratical turn on the high seas.

Cast: Matt Berman, Jules Duffy, Keenan Gibson, Amanda Hahn, Alex Kazanas, Jonathan Murphy, Jamal Newman, Jessica Norman, Erin Smith, Jason Walther, Jane White


4:42 PM: SportsCenter Top 10

Two die-hard sports announcers recount the top 10 sports plays of the year… and an ensemble of die-hard improvisers give their best re-enactment.

Cast: Brandon Alston, David BW, Eileen Breslin, Lauren Gabel, Rosie Grant, Justine Hipsky, Joe Iannuzzi, Alex Kazanas, Ren John, Ray Simeon, Kristen Timko, Vic Whitten


4:53 PM Geoff & Joe Go to Therapy

Geoff and Joe have been in an improv feud for a year, and they’re finally seeking help from a trusted couples’ therapist.

Cast: Geoff Corey, John Heiser, Joe Randazzo


5:04 PM: In BOO! of Flowers

If you’ve got it, HAUNT IT! In Lieu of Flowers brings your unfinished business to the stage.

Cast: Lura Barber, Analia Gomez Vidal, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Luke Hennig, Saleh Karaman, Molly Murchie, Erin Murray, Liz Sanders, Sam Schiffrin, Vic Whitten, Lauren Woody


5:15 PM: Thank You For Sharing (YOUR FEARS)

Based on your real world (and likely very mundane) fears, we’ll craft the greatest horror movie you’ve ever seen.

Cast: Kristin Brown, Lauren Cross, Dina Finkel, Adam Fishbein, J.J. Jackson, Max Postman


5:26 PM: Your Words, Our Work

We take your words and put them on the big stage! As you walk in you will put one line from your thoughts in a bucket, and our Improvisers will use your words and only your words to create fun scenes on stage.

Cast: Blind Casting


5:37 PM: She Was an American Girl (Doll)

Let us create the American Girl Doll (TM) you always wanted but never got.

Cast: Felicia Barnes, Em Fiske, Amanda Fulton, Lauren Gabel, Rosie Grant, Clare Mulligan, Erin Murray, Cara Popecki, Anna Ross, Ashley Siebels, Isabelle Solomon, Bethany Stokes