WIT adds 21 new players to our Harold Night program

WIT is excited to announce the new teams and players that will be joining our Harold Night program in March! In addition to returning teams Goth Baby, Backup Drama, Queensberg, Standby Children, and Affordable Luxury, we are welcoming three new teams and 21 new players to the program. Long-running team That’s So You! will rotate out of the program (we congratulate all of its players for their dedication and passion for Harold Night).

Now entering its 14th year, the Harold Night program is holding steady with eight teams in total. That’s on-par with the previous cycle, which was the largest in the program’s history.

Known as the “mother of all longform improv formats,” the Harold Night program gives each team the opportunity to work with an experienced coach on a weekly basis and perform regularly on the WIT stage. Harold Nights currently take place at Studio Theatre on Mondays. Shows are at 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM, followed by a “free for all” jam when everyone (including students and others from outside the program) are encouraged to join in the fun. (The shows are “pay what you choose.”)

The new Harold cycle will run from March to September 2024. Some teams have not yet been assigned names or coaches but they will soon. Players, who are new to the Harold Night program are denoted in bold.

NEW TEAM coached by Eva Lewis

Sam Ruback
Jack Barnes
Aaron Harris
Aimee Imundo
Phil Jones
Jeanna Kim
Ola Komolafe
Cameron Luther
Andrea Mosee
Chizobam Nwagwu

NEW TEAM (coach TBD)

Caitlin Brady
Kevin Eggleston
Meghan Faulkner
William Ferriby
Peter Jones
Colin McIntyre
Turner Meeks
Anna Nelson
Chris Olinger
Becky Steffen

NEW TEAM coached by Ryan McClure

Douglas Choi
Emily Dalton
Abby Haverty
Sarah Herhold
Urmila Janardan
David Lapkoff
Tim Montgomery
Shawn Peabody
Hannah Piper
Gifford Wong

Goth Baby (coach TBD)

Nicole Barrett
Gwendolyn Bogard
Grace Campion
Nora Dell
Niv Elis
Adrian Gaston Garcia
Cale Harper
Carly Kraybill
Court McGrew
Ryan Pierannunzi

Backup Drama coached by Alex Kazanas

Matt Alexander
Jojo Franzen
Stephen Gabauer
Patrick Hsieh
Natalie Knazik
Andrew V.  Ly
Zhaokang  Ong
Mikki Smith
Nick Tschernia
Leslie Turner

Queensberg coached by Stan Seiden

Chris Clark
Genevieve Dabrowski
Meaghan Griffith
Sam Jackson
Adina Lasser
Betsy Milarcik
Kacie Peterson
Matthew Schwartz
Avalon Warner-Gonzalez
Michael Williamson

Standby Children coached by Joe Randazzo

Daniel Calingaert
Jason Fliegel
Armin Haracic
Richard Johnson
Vasant Joseph
Al-Hassan Koroma
Liz Lowry
Catherine Mullins
Alissa Platz
Kelly Shannon

Affordable Luxury coached by Bill Nelson

Daniel Barrera
Marisa Borreggine
Morgan Burris
Joseph Bushur
Brent Buxton
Abigail Fu
Craig Gagel
Jonah Gordon
Emmy Harvey
Eli Okun

February 15, 2024