If you are more than 30min late to a workshop you may not be allowed to attend. Email your teacher or classes@witdc.org if you are going to be late.
You understand that participation in improvisational theater involves the risk of personal injury or loss due to the physical, mental, and emotional challenges in the programs and activities offered by Washington Improv Theater. You also understand that participation in these programs or activities is entirely voluntary and requires participants to follow instructions and abide by all applicable rules and the standards of conduct. You are not aware of any conditions that increase my likelihood of experiencing a personal injury or loss while engaging Washington Improv Theater’s programs or activities.

With appreciation of the risks associated with Washington Improv Theater’s programs or activities, you hereby fully and completely release and waive any and all claims for personal injury or loss, including costs and attorneys’ fees, that may arise against Washington Improv Theater, including its teachers, staff members, volunteers, students, or other persons associated with its programs or activities. This release and waiver applies to any personal injury or loss that may occur as a result of any other program or activity of Washington Improv Theater.

WIT’s education program strives to create a welcoming and safe creative atmosphere for all. Students are a part of creating this atmosphere and those whose conduct violates it will be removed from workshop by WIT, with their tuition refunded. WIT does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual preference, or disability. That said, students with disabilities are asked to contact WIT before registering for a workshop, so we can do our best to provide an accommodating workshop experience.
WIT retains absolute control over its workshop enrollment. WIT has the right to remove any student from a workshop at any time for any reason, on a temporary or on a permanent basis, at WIT’s sole discretion with full tuition granted. WIT also reserves the right to restrict registration to any student, on a temporary or on a permanent basis. WIT does not remove a student from a workshop lightly, but sometimes it may be necessary to maintain a welcoming and safe creative atmosphere.
WIT workshops are suitable for adults 18 years of age or older.
Workshops go on sale as soon as we are able to confirm the dates and times. The size of workshops varies.

Students often form a tight bond with their classmates. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to be in a workshop with all your improv buddies.

All sales are final. No refunds or credits will be issued to any student unless the workshop is canceled. Please email us if you need to transfer the registration to a different name.
For waitlists, email classes@witdc.org with the subject line “Waitlist” with the workshop you are interested in taking. Should a spot become available, you will be notified immediately by email and given 24 hours to respond to sign up for the workshop.
Some workshops required you have completed higher levels in our core curriculum.
If it has been more than two years since you were enrolled in class you may be asked to repeat a level and thus are not eligible for a workshop. Please contact classes@witdc.org before signing up.
Please review the workshop description to ensure you meet any prerequisites for the workshop you select. WIT will contact you if we have questions about your registration.

If you are coming from another theater, please email classes@witdc.org to discuss which class to start. Every training program is different, with their own set of values, vocabulary, and approaches to improv. WIT is dedicated to making sure that you enter into our program where it is right for you and for your potential classmates! Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Where did you previously study improv (university, other improv school)?
  • Who were your instructors?
  • What courses did you take with them and when (month/year)?

If, after the first class, you and/or your instructor feel like you would be better suited to a different class, we can arrange for you to transfer classes at no extra charge.

WIT classes must abide by the venue’s availability. For information about weather closings, check the WIT Facebook page and Twitter account. If your workshop takes place at CentroNia, please check the DCPS website as well. As soon as we know about the availability of the space, we will e-mail students and put information online. In case of a cancellation a refund will be issued..