Seth & Elizabeth are throwing the most exclusive private one-year anniversary shindig. It will be the BEST PARTY EVER, party of two.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Ryan Alloway, Stacey Axler, Kelsie Anderson, Mary Ann Badavi, Felicia Barnes, Nicole Barrett, Geoff Blizzard, Caroline Bovair, Nora Boedecker, Eileen Breslin, Dan Brown, Lori Carpenter, Rich Casey, Paul Chen, Anuj Christian, Robin Doody, Elizabeth Fulton, Marissa Goodstone, Rosie Grant, Carlic Huynh, JJ Jackson, Alex Kazanas, Giselle Kuhn, Kara Kinsey, Beatrice Leydier, Shawn Logue, Nik Manohar, Nick Martinez, Ryan McClure, Alex Mell-Taylor, Jordana Mishory, Erin Murray, Ben O’Hara, Paul Pearlman, Kelsey Peters, Seth Payne, Brady Peters, David Richman, Emi Ruff, Goli Samimi, Ray Simeon, Sam Schifrin, Alex Schroeder, Donna Steele, Martin Steger, Annette Summers, Heather Marie Vitale, Samantha Watson, Jane White


12:16 PM “Thank You For Sharing” Reunion Show

Former WIT Harold team “Thank You For Sharing” reunites to perform an improvised reunion.

Cast: Kristin Brown, Lauren Cross, Dina Finkel, Adam Fishbein, J.J. Jackson, Max Postman, Eli Sloan


12:27 PM Justin Trudeau’s Anger Translators

Justin Trudeau is very polite. He’s sweeter than maple syrup. Or is he? Find out what he really thinks when his anger translators show up!

Cast: Jillian Cardillo, Justin Carty, Shawn Logue, Paul Pearlman, Kristen Timko, Jermaine Trice, Samantha Watson, David Wittenberg


12:34 PM Bad Karaoke Experience Presents: The Reverse Fairy Tale

Watch in amazement as we perform a musical fairy tale in reverse using the audience suggested theme/moral and hero/villain characters.

Cast: John Carriker, Mitch Fishbein, Sheree Frank, Allison Gross, Jeffrey Richardson, Alexa Sciuto, Martin Steinberg, Dan Watts, Brian E. Young


12:45 PM Crazy & Justify

No crazy is too crazy. Anything, and we mean anything, can be justified in improv.

Cast: Dan Brown, Robert Falk, Hilary Joel, Risa Mainprize, Paul Orsinger, Steve Pilloff, Jermaine Trice


12:56 PM Wit-tle Ones

Meet the WIT: The Next Generation. The parents of WIT perform with their offspring.

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Lori Carpenter, Megan Cummings, Ceci De Robertes, Tom Di Liberto, Kate Lazo Joe Randazzo, Greer Smith, Samantha Watson


1:03 PM Improv Con Salsa

See what happens when the audience has the power to stop the show in its tracks and make the entire cast salsa dance for 20 seconds… then go back to where they were as if nothing happened!

Cast: Erick Acuna, Anuj Christian, Shijit Dasgupta, Analia Gomez Vidal, Luke Hennig, Kara Kinsey, Beatrice Leydier, Jonathan Murphy, Ginnie Seger, Annette Summers, Sherrita Wilkins


1:14 PM POS-Abilities

Every. Body. Can.

Cast: Eileen Breslin, Jennifer Hyman, JJ Jackson, Alice Lipowicz, Beth Lyons, Nick Martinez


1:25 PM Hail Seitan

“BUT WHAT IF YOU WERE ON A DESERT ISLAND!?” Vegans are always the butt of the joke, but what happens when we band together and MAKE the jokes.

Cast: Jillian Cardillo, Lauren Cross, Justine Hipsky, Zach Mason, Donna Steele, David Steib, Chris Westfall


1:36 PM Silent Harold

Silent Harold

Cast: Eileen B Autodidact, Felicia Barnes, Nora Boedecker, Mikail Faalasli, Bizzy Fain, Matt Strote (only for a Wed slot), Samantha Watson, Karyn, Wilson


1:47 PM Saleh Karaman Tries Duo-Prov for the First Time with a Stranger

Saleh Karaman has never done duo-prov before. Watch him try it for the first time, on-stage, with someone he’s never performed with before.

Cast: Saleh Karaman 


1:54 PM DRM

What are we dreaming about? Come see – and experience – the answer in DRM, a surreal and ritualistic theatrical dream state, inspired by subjects of the audience’s dreams.

Cast: Mark Chalfant, BLIND CAST 


2:05 PM When Monsters Attack

A monster is wreaking havoc on the city – but WHY did it choose Washington DC? What’s causing it’s reign of terror?

Cast: Jonathan Murphy, Katie Ozog


2:12 PM Dueling Choruses, with Door #3

Every song is a battle or a bonding. This time the audience gets to battle and bond too.

Cast: Katie Dunn, Taunya Ferguson, Michael Gottlieb, William Kuduk, Alice Lipowicz, Tony Lopez, Beth Lyons, John Manning, Paul Rosenberg, David Steib


2:23 PM Tailgatin’

Great minds drink alike.

Cast: Topher Bellavia, John Heiser, Luke Hennig, Dave Johnson, Adam Levine, Jared Smith


2:35 PM The More You Know

The More You Know gives practical advice for life’s day to day challenges.

Cast: Ted Blanton, Ryan Holloway, Susan Jacob, Kaitlin Kemp, Shawn Logue, Ben O’Hara, Paul Pearlman, Nick Ufier, Samantha Watson, David Wittenberg.


2:46 PM Maple Sunday Presents: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

“Submitted for the approval of the The Maple Sunday Society, I call this story…”

Cast: Stacey Axler, Nicole Barrett, Becca Daniels, Roderick Daniels, Rosie Grant, Kelsey Peters, Will Roughan, Alex Taliaferro, Jason Walther


2:57 PM We Want Your Teeth

Two tooth fairies give you a raw look at the fairy life.

Cast: Paul Chen, Bizzy Fain


3:02 PM How Touching

Improvisers get up close and personal.



3:13 PM This Time on the L Word

What really happened to Jenny Schecter? Did the Lez Girls movie win an Oscar? Is the theme song still that bad? Find out next, on this episode of the L Word.

Cast: Kelsie Anderson, Eileen B Audodidact, Beth Lyons, Olivia Martinez, Renan Snowden, Heather Marie Vitale, Samantha Watson, Jane White, Karyn Wilson


3:24 PM Thickboy

Thickboy will terrify you with silliness. Hopefully Reggie Watts will be proud.

Cast: Sam Bonar


3:31 PM LIZARD GIRL: The Werewolves Experience

LIZARD GIRL brings its favorite murder mystery game to life like only LIZARD GIRL can.

Cast: Mikey Blunschi, David Brescia-Weiler, Tyler Laminack, Shealy Molpus, Jessica Norman, Bryce Slinger, Jared Smith, Vic Whitten, Lauren Woody


3:42 PM Regional Spelling Bee

Everyone is on edge to see who will advance to National’s this year at the Regional Spelling Bee

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Ted Blanton, Jeff Bollen, Lori Carpenter, Bizzy Fain, Emily Briggs Fiske, Ryan McClure, Seth Payne, Trish Rowlison, Joe, Heather Marie Vitale, Jason Walther


3:49 PM An Acapella Disney Adventure

A musical featuring your favorite Disney songs, sung acapella, in the most unlikely places.

Cast: Alex Apostolos Kazanas, Alex Beard, Geoff Corey, Lauren Cross, Darnell Eaton, Molly Graham, Justine Hipsky, Jess Lee, Katie Ozog, Sam Schifrin, Kate Symes, Lauren Woody


4:00 PM ABP: Always Be Planking

Because the quickest way to get to the core of a situation is by planking.

Cast: Nic Small, BLIND CAST


4:11 PM Latinx State of America Presents: Piñataprov

Latinx States of America Presents: Piñata-prov! Improv and Piñatas? All we know is that it’s a fiesta!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ceci De Robertis, Diego Hernandez, Kristina Martinez, Olivia Martinez, Nick Martinez, Ginnie Seger


4:23 PM Theater Cleaning

Five minute break for theater cleaning. You can stay in your seats or get a drink or whatever.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Tim Harkin, Sam Schifrin, Matt Strote, Jason Walther


4:28 PM Whoa Nelly!

The inner workings of improv are exposed as the cast of Whoa Nelly, We call the action as sportscasters at the ready.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Anuj Christian, Geoff Corey, John Heiser, Nina Hsu, Kaitlin Kemp, Eva Lewis, Jonathan Murphy, Jessica Norman, Kate Symes


4:39 PM The Improvised Sword Duel

Live by the sword, DIE by the sword! We do! And will!

Cast: Erik Beringer, Elijah Sloan


4:46 PM Step Up 2 the Street Performers

Improv or busk! Three street performers are prepared to improvise for you — and your hard-earned money.

Cast: Alex Beard, Sam Bonar, Jordana Mishory


4:51 PM Long Weekend at Bernie’s

See what happens when your scene partner is incapacitated, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ style.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Justine Hipsky, Adam Levine, Erin Murray, Nic Small, Jared Smith, Lauren Woody


5:02 PM This American Blerg

Today on our program, we have stories of people who end up in situations where it is not clear at all how to proceed. And they really do feel like every option leaves them in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” kind of place. And then, they have to figure out a path forward.

Cast: Gloria Funes, Bill Nelson 


5:09 PM Found in Translation

See how a group of improvisers can create shared understanding in scenes where only some are speaking English, and the rest are speaking more than a dozen different languages.

Cast: Natalia Antas, Anuj Christian, Dina Finkel, Abigail Fu, Analía Gomez Vidal, Diego Hernandez, Caroline Howe, Jennifer Hyman, Carlic Hyunh, Béatrice Leydier, Ela Macander, Andrea Quach, Rajyashree Sen, Samantha Watson, Jane White


5:20 PM Reality Actually

Swing! And Miss! That’s dating in DC.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Joey Breems, Ceci De Robertis, Patrick Fleury, Erica Johnson, Kevin Mahoney, Nick Martinez, Erin Murray, Macey Schiff, Nic Small, Kaelan Sullivan, Matt Winterhalter


5:35 PM Split Screen Monoscene

One scene. Multiple split screens. NO NET.

Cast: Bam Alston, Alex Beard, Mikey Blunschi, Elaine Colwell, Mary Lauran Hall, Kaitlin Kemp, Kristina Martinez, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Liz Sanders, Ben Taylor


5:46 PM Bottom 40

The most famous songwriters you’ve never heard of.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Geoffrey Corey


5:53 PM Scene Within a Scene Within a Scene

See what happens when improv becomes to meta for its own good.

Cast: Giselle Kuhn; Alexander Mell-Taylor; Annette Summers 


6:04 PM Love Loss and What I Wore: Off Off Broadway

Come peek into our closets and into our hearts to explore the intersection of relationships, wardobes and the scenes they bring to stage.

Cast: Mark Chalfant, Jenna Hall, Zach Mason, Jaci Pulice, Chris Ulrich, Lauren Woody


6:19 PM Just Four People Doing Improv

Enjoy this very simple show of just 4 people doing improv, no more than that.

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Sam Bonar, Elaine Colwell, Tim Harkin


6:30 PM Press Play Presents: The Ugly Flower

There is a monster inside all of us. Press Play explores the dark side we often keep from each other.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Jon Cheseboro, JJ Jackson, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Matt Mansfield, Jason Walther


6:41 PM Coach Mikey’s Advanced Improv Workshop

Legendary improv coach Mikey Blunschi will be showcasing his talented students from his latest workshop.

Cast: Mikey Blunschi, Sam Bonar, Jesse Chimes, Jasmine Jiang, Erin Murray, Jessica Norman


6:48 PM Hellcat 8

Hellcat scratches back to revenge a wrong and take back what’s rightfully theirs.

Cast: Caroline Chen, Jenna Hall, Justine Hipsky, Kaitlin Kemp, Jordana Mishory, Clare Mulligan, Molly Murchie, Krystal Ramseur, Liz Sanders, Donna Steele, Kaelan Sullivan


7:03 PM Audience – The Finale!

Why watch a musical, when you can *BE* the musical? Join the stage and help create the show for everyone!

Cast: Taunya Ferguson, Jess Lee, Tony Lopez, Jermaine Trice