12:00 PM MTV’s Next

Remember the hit MTV dating show from 2005-2008? Well you’re about to!

Cast: Mark Abman, Ryan Brookshire, Sarah Burstyn, Kate Dydak, Bex Ehrmann, Bizzy Fain, Charles Lipper, Emily McCormick, Daniel Miller, Lauren Pagani, Cara Popecki, Chris Pugliese, Allison Theveny, Madeline Turrini


12:16 PM Dyéndae

It’s Dungeons and Dragons! Come watch as your peers quest through Fantasy Location and discover maybe the true adventure was in our dice all along.

Cast: Elissa Heller, Lauren LaVare, Andrew Pham, Nicholas Wheaton


12:27 PM Six Feet Over: Conversations with the Dead

Six Feet Under-style dark comedy. Unexpected deaths. Two characters talk while one of them also hears and talks to a third dead person from their past.

Cast: Justin Brashear, Lauren Estell, Sheila McMenamin, David Park, Nick Stella, Brian Young


12:38 PM Handmaids’ Tale

What exactly do the Handmaids wanna say, but can’t? We’ll tell you!

Cast: Paul Chen, Elaine Cowell, Elizabeth Fulton, Marissa Goodstone, Justine Hipsky, Sarah Houghton, Lauren LaVare, Erin Murray, Kristin O’Brien, Katie Ozog, Kelsey Peters, Macey Schiff, Ray Simeon, Kaelan Sullivan, Katie Watkins, Lauren Woody, Heather Marie Vitale


12:49 PM Outside In

Inside Out meets improv. Audience-inspired emotional roller coaster. Sad! Happy?

Cast: Eileen Breslin, Robert DePaolo, Bex Ehrmann, Rachel Greenberg, Zachary Martin, Audrey Payne, Eliana Reyes, Sarah Spell, Lauren Wason



When Mad Libs meets improv, brains explode.

Cast: Felicia Barnes, Andrew Dickinson, John Divine, Katherine Dydak, Elissa Heller, Daniel Miller, Lauren Pagni, Madeline Turrini


1:11 PM Turn to the Left

Sashay, shante! It’s a fashion montage! We’re gonna serve, and work and turn and h-h-honey.

Cast: Caroline Bovair, Tawny Clark, Elaine Colwell, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Catie Merino, Jordana Mishory, Ginnie Seger


1:16 PM Shotgun Wedding

Weddings never go exactly as planned, and this one isn’t planned at all! Watch how love, drama, and laughter unfold over the course of one wedding night.

Cast: Jillian Cardillo, Sam Harris, Clay Hollenkamp, Laura O’Brien, Brittany Perrotte, Pearl Rose, Nick Ufier, David Wittenberg


1:27 PM Dream Spooners Presents: Fairy Godmothers

Dream Spooners invites you to come wish upon a star.

Cast: Sarah Houghton, Erin Murray


1:38 PM Hats Off!

So many silly hats. So many silly characters.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Adam Fishbein, Jenna Hall, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, James Macindoe, Jamal Newman


1:49 PM Menstrual Pains

We are Menstrual Pains … and we keep coming back. Tell us that one thing in your life that keeps coming back. Menstrual Pains is going to make you feel cramps … from laughter!

Cast: Analía Gómez Vidal, Cara Popecki


1:54 PM Sweeping the Nation!

Sweeping the Nation is a love song to the humble broom, the unsung hero of our floors.

Cast: Blind casting


2:05 PM Scenes from a YA Sequel

In true YA fashion, this sequel is going to be big. And dramatic.

Cast: Mary Ann Badavi, Geoff Blizard, Ceci De Robertis, Elizabeth Fulton, Marissa Goodstone, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Dana Malone, Kristen Shahmir, Donna Steele, Heather Marie Vitale


2:16 PM Teen President Presents: Regular Improv But Also a Child Shows Up

A bunch of regular improvisers doing hilarious improv get regularly interrupted by a five-year-old child.

Cast: Laura Havel, Saleh Karaman, Andy Wilkins (the child), Sherrita Wilkins


2:27 PM #TableNineRealFakeNews

The weirdos at table 9 have come out of their shells and taken over the news station. See them as they inform you with the latest breaking real fake news!

Cast: Gloria Elizabeth, Hannah Irene Johnson, Jennifer McLaughlin, John Roller, Tom Rowley


2:38 PM Zoom: 15 Years Later

What are all your favorite PBS child actors up to now? Are they still wholesome?

Cast: Geoff Corey, JJ Jackson, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Katie Ozog, Samantha Schifrin, Donna Steele, Heather Marie Vitale


2:49 PM Huggy Smalls – The Notorious HUG Presents: A Taste of Huggy Smalls

Huggy Smalls stages a food festival to compete for the honor of filling your stomachs.

Cast: Em Fiske, JoJo Franzen, Chris Orvin, Nic Small, Jared Smith


3:03 PM The Lede

Newspapers aren’t what they used to be, but this hometown rag is about to catch the story of a lifetime.

Cast: Nick Martinez, Dan Miller, Jordana Mishory, Kate Symes, Adriana Usero


3:14 PM Bad Karaoke Experience Presents: Three Blind Mice – The Musical

Watch the fun as musical improv students scurry around the stage blindfolded in a scene and burst into song accompanied by music.

Cast: John Carriker, Mitch Fishbein, Sheree Frank, Allison Gross, Martin Steinberg, Brian Young


3:25 PM Couch Money Presents: Stacey’s Stories, Gently Used

Couch Money uses material from standup comedian Stacey Axler to inspire a fast-paced, premise-heavy set.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ryan Alloway, Stacey Axler, Ben Frazell, Chris Orvin, Kelsey Peters, Rebecca Schmidt, Martin Steger, Katie Watkins


3:40 PM The Hypothesis Takes a Ride on the Magic School Bus

Have you ever wanted to see the Magic School Bus go on a different adventure? Here’s your chance.

Cast: Joe Dawson, Cecilia De Robertis, Tom Di Liberto, Nina Hsu, Margaret Lee, Jordana Mishory, Liz Sanders, Elijah Sloan, Caroline Yates


3:51 PM Uncomfortable Truth Improv

Watch what happens when we share the uncomfortable truth that you’re too worried to talk about.

Cast: Felicia Barnes, Ted Blanton, Emily Briggs Fiske, Analía Gómez Vidal, Ryan McClure


4:02 PM Short Form Kicks Long Form’s ASS

Sterling, VA’s own SFKLFA is a barrel full of laughs and will make you chortle from your mouths to your butts. Reared under the tutelage of the venerable short form guru, Smell Close, we know the (f)art of comedy.

Cast: Alex Beard, Richie Pepio


4:13 PM Dream Phone: Live

Who has a crush on us??

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Adam Fishbein, Cat Fullerton, Molly Graham, Jenna Hall, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Kevin Mahoney, James MacIndoe, Aaron Merrill, Jamal Newman, Katie Ozog, Renan Snowden, Ben Taylor


4:28 PM Shy 

Get into our heads as we try to get out of our heads!

Cast: Pete Bergen, Ceci De Robertis, JJ Jackson, Alyssa Marciniak, Veronica Norman, Rai Sen, Kris Shenenberger, Meredith Whipple


4:39 PM American Gladiators

Two contestants battle each other and larger-than-life gladiators to determine one great champion.

Cast: Mark Carroll, Jenna Hall, Tyler Laminack, Andy McIntyre, Dan Milliken, Nic Small, Jared Smith, Katie Watkins


4:50 PM CSI Miami-Prov Season 4: Crime & PUNishment

As David Caruso always says, “Sun’s out, puns out.”

Cast: Matt Berman, Ryan Brookshire, Megan Cummings, Joe Dawson, Tim Harkin, Lauren LaVare, Jordana Mishory, Satish Pillalamarri


5:01 PM Mexican Bingo

Play Mexican Bingo with us and win big!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ceci De Robertis, Diego Hernandez, Nick Martinez, Olivia Martinez, Ginnie Seger


5:12 PM Fat American Vampires Presents: Elevator Improv

Ding ding! Fat American Vampires’ elevator is here, but who will step inside? Watch as we explore the awkward and the intense in everyone’s favorite confined space!

Cast: Marie-Elise Diamond, Maria Gahan, Bill Nelson, Rachel Peniston, Brian Petriello, Dylan Pfaff, Kacy Redd


5:23 PM Vision Quest

Let’s share our journey. You make the vision board. We’ll show you what it all means.

Cast: Annie Barry, Justine Hipsky, Nina Hsu, Dana Malone, Jordana Mishory, Krystal Ramseur, Samantha Schifrin, Kaelan Sullivan, Lauren Woody


5:34 PM Improvised Hot Dog Eating Contest

100 bun-on hot dogs will be eaten onstage. Oh, there’s also a comedy show.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Stacey Axler, Pete Bergen, Roderick Daniels, Ceci De Robertis, Rosemary Grant, John Heiser, Justin Lamb, Brant Miller, Jonathan Murphy, Kelsey Peters, Ginnie Seger, Chris Sloan, Nic Small, Martin Steger, Kaelan Sullivan, Heather Marie Vitale, Pat Wheeler




6:00 PM You’re Listening To

A musical chairs setup where improvisers create radio stations.

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Pete Bergen, Ryan Brookshire, Sarah Bucher, Elaine Colwell, Yaelle Grant, John Heiser, Dave Johnson, Eva Lewis, Steve Major, Dana Malone, Dan Miller, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Audrey Payne, John Schmitz, Heather Marie Vitale, Lauren Wason


6:16 PM Beatles Press Conferenceprov 

The Beatles have just landed at JFK, eager to kick off their first U.S. tour! But first, they must answer a barrage of cutesy questions from the adoring press pool, responding to each with as much Liverpudlian cheek as they can muster.

Cast: Alex Abbott, Mark Carroll, Luke Hennig, Alex Apostolos Kazanas, Dan Koffman, Aaron Merrill, Omar Parbhoo, David Richman, Jesse Robinson, Kate Symes


6:27 PM The Quitters As Committers

Watch as The Quitters suddenly transform into Committers by creating a world that they cannot escape.

Cast: Sanaa Abrar, Paula Atkinson, Sarah Bucher, Molly Graham, Tonya Jordan, Kristin O’Brien


6:38 PM Babylon

What if the UN Security Council met without interpreters? We promise the results of this show won’t be as bad as the results of that meeting would be.

Cast: Blind casting


6:49 PM Faculty Lounge 

Come see the teachers at WIT break all the rules they told you about.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Lura Barber, Annie Barry, Alex Beard, Peter Bergen, Sam Bonar, Ryan Brookshire, Mark Chalfant, Elaine Colwell, Darnell Eaton, Em Fiske, Justus Hammond, John Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Paul Hitlin, Devin Horne, Nina Hsu, Dave Johnson, Jess Lee, Margaret Lee, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Reaves McElveen, Dan Miller, Rob Miller, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Jamal Newman, Jack Novak, Kelsey Peters, Jonathan Porat, Jaci Pulice, Amy Purcell, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Jarad Schofer, Donna Steele, Kaelan Sullivan, Jason Walther, John Windmueller


7:04 PM The Way Back Again

Cher is not the only way to turn back time.

Cast: Lauren Boston, Tyler Laminack, Jessica Norman, Jared Smith


7:15 PM Objectified

See what happens when the only objects improvisers can use are … other improvisers!

Cast: Sam Bonar, Jesse Chimes, Elaine Colwell, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Sean Glass, Kevin Mahoney, Katie Ozog, Kelsey Peters, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Samantha Schifrin.


7:26 PM Mark Gives the Get

Commonwealth dives into the brain matter of WIT Artistic Director Mark Chalfant through his ability to give endless and inspiring audience suggestions.

Cast: Jules Duffy, Ryan Krull, Jamie Lantinen, Jaci Pulice, Kate Symes, Stewart Walsh


7:41 PM AstroMom Presents: Awkward AstroFamily Photos

Astronauts have awkward families too! Peek into the lives of everyday families … who happen to live in space.

Cast: Mary Ann Badavi, Tom Di Liberto, Robin Doody, Elizabeth Fulton, Marissa Goodstone, Tony Lazzeroni, Donna Steele


7:56 PM Jukebox Heroes Presents: To Bee Gee or Not to Bee Gee

How can you mend a broken heart? How deep is your love? How do you treat night fever? The Jukebox Heroes will answer all your burning questions because they’re more than a woman. They’re 4 women and 2 guys.

Cast: John Heiser, JJ Jackson, Jordana Mishory, Katie Ozog, Richie Pepio, Kate Symes


8:11 PM The Palette Annihilation: A Group Game Revolutionary Harold

A radical coup of insurgent improvisors overthrows the Harold’s traditional format, as the masses rule for an entire uprising of group games – for total palette annihilation.

Cast: Eric Acuña, Stacey Axler, Annie Barry, Michael Beerman, Becca Daniels, Roderick Daniels, Elizabeth Fulton, Sea Glass, Rosie Grant, Jim Haverty, Justin Lamb, Tim Montgomery, Kelsey Peters, Alan Prunier, Martin Steger, Pat Wheeler


8:26 PM MOLE PEOPLE: Welcome to Our World

You’re part of our world now.

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Zach Beattie, Mikey Blunschi, John Heiser, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Tyler Laminack, Eva Lewis, Brianna Lux, Zach Mason, Rob Miller, Shealy Molpus, Jonathan Murphy, Dan O’Neil, Katie Ozog, Lauren Woody


8:37 PM Soul(Tri)Cycle

Welcome to our Soul (Tri)be.

Cast: Pete Bergen, Rosie Grant, Rob Miller, Elizabeth Mulkey, Jaci Pulice, Sara Rouhi, Liz Sanders, Samantha Schifrin, Ginnie Seger, Kate Symes


8:48 PM I Wrote That

Before your favorite improvisers were improvisers, they were writers. See why they left the written word behind.

Cast: Matt Berman, Sean Paul Ellis, Elizabeth Fulton, Isabel Galbraith, Mary Lauran Hall, Tim Harkin, Jordana Mishory, Jamal Newman, Joe Randazzo, Kate Symes, Ben Taylor


9:03 PM Croon & Swoon

Come swoon to this group’s jazzy croons and lovetunes.

Cast: Marissa Goodstone, Sarah Houghton, Alex Kazanas, Jess Lee, Beth Lyons, Ryan McCloskey, Rob Miller, Erin Murray, Caroline Yates


9:14 PM Stovëtron Presents: The Birthday Bus

It’s our second birthday, and we’re going on a roadtrip to celebrate. We’ll explore the highs and lows of days cooped up headed across the country.

Cast: Michael Alvino, Pierre Gaunaurd, Melissa Gedney, Jim Haverty, Angela Karpieniak, Kian McKellar, Veronica Norman, Nick Seaver, Mike Turletes


9:25 PM G.P.S.

Sometimes your GPS just … starts to get away from you.

Cast: Joe Randazzo, Sara Rouhi


9:30 PM Lena Dunham

The black members from different improv troupes have joined forces to give you an inside look at what it means to be somebody’s black friend.

Cast: Darnell Eaton, Derek Hayes, Erica Johnson, Eva Lewis, Aaron Mosby, Jamal Newman, Nic Small


9:45 PM Madeline Ball

Join Madeline as they gear up for the 2017 DC kickball season!

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Yaelle Grant, Jonathan Murphy, Dan O’Neil, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Patrick Slevin


10:00 PM Knights & Squires

Welcome back to the olde times of chivalry, honor, and riding horses at each other carrying huge sticks.

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Dave Johnson


10:11 PM The Cat’s Pajamas

Great Gatsby! These babies and big sixes are getting dolled up in their flapper glad rags to put on a silent-film-inspired show that’ll break anyone out of a great depression. And how!

Cast: Alex Beard, Michael Burgos, Mark Chalfant, Abby Fu, Erica Johnson, Brianna Lux, Zach Mason, Jordana Mishory


10:22 PM Richie in Reverse

Richie tells a story in reverse, Memento-style.

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Cat Fullerton, Molly Graham, Alex Kazanas, Adam Koussari-Amin, Kevin Mahoney, Aaron Merrill, Katie Ozog, Ben Taylor


10:37 PM Sabado Picante Gets Lost in Translation!

Sabado Picante is an all-Spanish telenovela. In this episode, the audience will see a scene, and decide what the dramatic twist will be!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sarah Bucher, Elizabeth Cutler, Cecilia De Robertis, Analía Gómez Vidal, Tony Lopez, Matthew Mansfield, David Steib 


10:48 PM High Crhymes

Society’s elite spit out some rhymes.

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Robin Doody, Andy McIntyre, Dan Milliken, Jordana Mishory, Liz Sanders, Jared Smith


11:03 PM Gay Porn-Prov

It’s improvised gay porn.

Cast: Joey Breems, Mark Chalfant, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Brant Miller, Bryce Slinger


11:14 PM Choose Your Own Farr-Adventure-Guts

In this Farraguts presentation, the AUDIENCE is the star!

Cast: Michael Alvino, Jacob Chadwick, Angela Karpieniak, Aaron Merrill


11:25 PM Calhoun County Carolina Court

Forget your big city lawyers. Come on down to Calhoun County Carolina Court and see how conjoined twin judges carry out country justice.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Cassie Barnum, Jonathan Murphy, Dan O’Neil, Patrick Slevin


11:39 PM Big Love

Five real-life improv couples take on one of the biggest challenges of their relationships so far – performing onstage together. Will their relationships survive this test, or will their next shows be solo? Watch to find out!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Dave Barth, Mark Chalfant, John Heiser, Lisa Kathleen, Dana Malone, Kelsey Peters, Nic Small, David Steib, Katie Watkins


11:50 PM Team XXX Presents: Bundleprov, Flip It and Reverse It

Join Team XXX as the improv goes on and the clothes come off.

Cast: Sam Bonar, Elaine Colwell, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Katie Ozog, Rob Miller, Macey Schiff, Heather Marie Vitale


12:01 AM Gunning For Laughs

Improvisers go head-to-head to make their scene partner break. The first to laugh faces elimination by supersoaker!

Cast: Sam Bonar, David Brescia-Weiler, Ryan Brookshire, Michael Burgos, Geoff Corey, Robin Doody, Justine Hipsky, Harry Kacak, Jenny Koch, Adam Levine, Zach Mason, Jordana Mishory, Jessica Norman, Alan Prunier, Sabrina Shahmir, Jared Smith, Kaelan Sullivan, Lauren Woody, Caroline Yates


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