8:00 PM The Senate

The Senate represents improv across America, with your representatives passionately plugging their home state as they play out their scenes.

Cast: Marc Reber, Heather Marie Vitale, and Blind Casting.


8:16 PM Inside the WIT Board Room

Finally you get a peak into what really happens with the WIT Board!

Cast: Mark Chalfant, Ceci De Robertis, Greg Tindale, Adam Koussari-Amin,
Ari Koudounas, and Goli Samimi.


8:23 PM Knot Great With Kids

Best friends are often described as ‘attached at the hip.’ WIT Harold team Not Great With Kids gets all tied up (literally!) to live this idiom!

Cast: Amy Purcell, Derek Hayes, Emily Crovella, Geoff Corey, Jeff Bollen, Justine Hipsky, Lauren Woody, Ryan Brookshire, and Veronica Norman.


8:38 PM Two Hours Later

Join us as we skip over the boring parts of life and get right down to the good stuff.

Cast: Blind Casting.


8:53 PM Season Six Presents: The Wake of Sabahat Chaudhary

Come see WIT house ensemble Season Six dedicate an Irish wake to a soon-to-be departed troupe member. Who says a funeral can’t be funny?

Cast: Jon Chesebro, Catherine Grothus, Ami Krasner, Murphy McHugh, Jamal Newman, and Satish Pillalamarri.


9:08 PM The Female Accent’s “Vice Versa”

Ever watched an improv show FROM THE STAGE? Come see TFA’s “Vice Versa” and watch improv happen from a whole new perspective when our players trade places with the audience.

Cast: James MacIndoe, John Carroll, Ross Townsend, Alex Kazanas, Jenna Hall, Renan Snowden, Adam Fishbein, Thomas Harris, and David Lapkoff.


9:19 PM The Many

How many characters can you fit into a 3 person improv show? Take that number and add one. You’re welcome – The Many. 

Cast: Mark Chalfant, Ken Hays, and Greg Tindale.


9:30 PM “Drivin Along in my Automobile.”

The Four Heads Present: “Drivin Along in my Automobile.”Five guys leave home on a road trip to somewhere in America. Along the way, they discover and share stories of each others lives past and present.

Cast: Matt Berman, John Heiser, Joe Randazzao, and Chris Ulrich.


9:41 PM Girlfighteth

Improv only the Bard would hate. A Shakespeare-inspired play, fully improvised and much shorter.

Cast: Sabahat Chaudhary and Marc Reber.


9:52 PM Love Onion Loves Onions

Love Onion will perform a fully-improvised romantic comedy. And the leading lady and leading man will be played by actual onions. We’re probably all going to cry.

Cast: Coonoor Behal, Sam Bonar, Joe Dawson, Tim Harkin, Tim Hunt, Margaret Lee, and Jordana Mishory.


10:07 PM The Miserable Mates

Come witness the amazing Miserable Mates perform acts that will amazing and astound you!

Cast: Alex Beard, Mark Chalfant, and Chris Ulrich.


10:18 PM The Babysitter’s Club: The One with the Improv

New to Stoneybrook? Kristy, Stacy, Dawn, Claudia, Mary Ann, Mal & Jessie are ready to handle any sticky situation or solve super mysteries! Company Blood Drive Presents: The Babysitter’s Club.

Cast: Michael Blunschi , Lauren Boston, Terrell Fuller, Rachel Hamilton, Ellie Klein, Adam Levine, Megan Loucks, Jessica Norman, Emily Price, Alan Prunier, and Vickie Tsombanos.


10:33 PM It’s Me Margaret… True Diary Confessions

Judy Bloom’s famous Margaret comes alive as improvisors read their very own adolescent diaries and create inspired scenes about the young thoughts and desires of their years past…

Cast: Dina Finkle, Ami Krasner, Kristen Brown, and Catherine Grothus.


10:44 PM Jackie Presents: The Expendables

The Mercenary group, Jackie takes on what they think is a routine assignment: a covert operation to invade the South American country of Vilena and overthrow its dictator. But, when they learn that the job will be a suicide mission, they must choose redemption or the destruction of their brotherhood.

Cast: Ken Hays, Sean Murphy, Greg Tindale, and Joe Uchno.


10:59 PM Habitat for Humoranity

This show is Helper Pony pretending to be an educational improv troupe called ‘Habitat for Humoranity’. The show will – like a pretty flower – involve a base reality of HfH introducing themselves before going into educational scenes and then back into the base reality. (Repeat as necessary.) There will be acid-wash clothes.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Deirdre Daly, Em Fiske, Zach Mason, and Abel Vandegrift.


11:14 PM Big Love

The cutest. Real life couples improvising together.

Cast: David Barth, Mark Chalfant, Sabahat Chaudhary, John Heiser, Lisa Kays, Dana Malone, Xavier Padin, Marc Reber, David Gavin Steib, Joanna Tiger, Christina Tindale, and Greg Tindale.