8:00 PM Press Play Presses Play

Press Play performs a series of silent scenes inspired by up-tempo music.

Cast: Jason Walther, Jon Cheseboro, Coonoor Behal, Matt Mansfield, Eva Lewis, and Sabahat Chaudhary.


8:20 PM The Improvised British Baking Show

It’s the greatest British baking show of all time. Improvised.

Cast: Sabahat Chaudhary, Kate Symes, Katie Ozog, Liz Sanders, Joe Dawson, Emi Ruff, Dan Miller, Luke Hennig, Lori Verchot Carpenter, Shealy Molpus, Renan Snowden, Coonoor Behal, Steve Major, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Steven James Morinelli, and Marianne Lalonde.


8:31 PM Planet Earth’s Animal Improv Spectacular

Improvised animal trivia!

Cast: Ceci De Robertis, Jordana Mishory, Caroline Chen, Bryan Jackson, Matt Berman, Mary Ann Badavi, Rosie Grant, Patrick Murray, Nic Small, and Samara Strauss.


8:42 PM TRUE

TRUE. It’s not just the name of a popular series of Budweiser commercials, it’s also the name of our show. True to that name, we will explore real world issues in an honest and respectful way. Nothing much besides that and having a bud.

Cast: Coonoor Behal, Jeff Bollen, Sam Bonar, Elaine Colwell, Juliann Gorse, Tim Harkin, Margaret Lee, and Jason Walther.


8:49 PM Commonwealth Presents: Gameshows!

More gameshows than you’ve ever watched in one sitting since two weeks ago when you were so hungover all you could do was watch gameshows.

Cast: Stewart Walsh, Jules Duffy, Jamie Lantinen, Caroline Pettit, Kate Symes, Catherine Deadman, Ryan Krull, and Denny Johnson.


9:04 PM WordSwap

What happens when a common word becomes a land mine? Total hysterical chaos!

Cast: Blind casting.


9:15 PM “I Was JUST Thinking That!-Prov”

Join “I was JUST thinking that!-Prov” for a quick journey from Blahsville to Crazytown. We will take that mundane moment and heighten it to infinity.

Cast: Ceci De Robertis, Christina Floriza, J.J. Jackson, Denny Johnson, Ryan Krull, Jordana Mishory, Ellen Reiterman, Macey Schiff, Nic Small, and Heather Marie Vitale.


9:26 PM Next Door Neighbors

Your friendly next door Neighbors are at it again, but this time in your Neighborhood. You tell us where you live, and we’ll show you what’s really going on behind those closed doors.

Cast: Ami Krasner, Tracy D’Souza, Lisa Kays, Tiffany Cain, David Barth, Rachael Connelly, David Gavin Steib, and Nic Small.


9:41 PM The Regulars Presents: Unconditional Positive Regard

Give us your worries. Give us your complaints. We will use them to give each other unconditional positive regard in this super supportive support group gathering.

Cast: Deana Dennis, Ceci De Robertis, JJ Jackson, Amy Purcell, and Corinne Weible.


9:56 PM Special Friends Presents: Speed Dating

We’re a group of special friends that, like most people, have had some awful dates. We’ll relive some of your worst experiences and explore them — speed-dating improv style!

Cast: Kaitlyn Hemingway, Sarah Leibach, Shealy Molpus, and Kaelan Sullivan.


10:07 PM The WIT Museum of Post-Postmodern Improv Art

Sip your cheap wine and eat some cheese cubes, it’s time for a gallery opening! Here at the WIT Museum of Post-postmodern Improv Art, the patrons are the inspiration for the live art being created before your eyes! (Smug demeanor not required, but welcome.)

Cast: Ryan Alloway, John Carroll, Adam Fishbein, Bryan Jackson, JJ Jackson, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Tony Lazzeroni, Ellen Reiterman, and Renan Snowden.


10:22 PM Cinéma Français: Scenes of Life, Love, and Crushing Ennui

Scenes of life, love, and crushing ennui with a light French accent.

Cast: Lura Barber, Matt Berman, Isabel Galbraith, Michael Hendrix, Dan Milliken, Jonathan Murphy, and Greer Smith.


10:33 PM So? So? WHAT!?!

You never know what is going to set somebody off.

Cast: Ali Branscombe, Julia D’Ambrosi, Kimberly Konkel, Steve Major, Toni Maschler, John Miceli, and Valerie Paschall.


10:44 PM Pocket Lines-Manuel Miranda

Pocket lines meets the lyrical genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda. History will have its eyes on this show!

Cast: Matt Berman, Jamie Bingner, John Carroll, Elaine Colwell, Matt Guttentag, Sarah Leibach, Bri Lux, Jordana Mishory, Shealy Molpus, Liz Sanders, Kaelan Sullivan, and Kate Symes.


10:55 PM Chevy Chase Country Club Ladies Activities and Charities Committee: We’re with Her!

The Chevy Chase Country Club wives are back and ready to rock the vote. The CCGCCLACC love a cause and #Hillary2016 is near and dear. CCGCCLACC: We’re with her! puts 2nd wave feminism and blue-dog Democrats together with some good ol’fashioned “yes and-ing” to raise money for #Hillary2016. So break out the pinot gri and strap on your favorite late 90s pant suit because the ladies are gonna boost Hillary’s “likeability” all over the place. #notacrook #CCGCCLACCwerewithher

Cast: Kate Symes, Isabel Gailbraith, and Sara Rouhi (plus two invited guests TBD).


11:10 PM Funny Business

A small band of former clowns is on a journey. Where? They don’t know but you do! Help guide this group of lost souls down the path of life and see if they make it out alive in Funny Business.

Cast: Matt Strote, Madeline Key Whiting, and Riley Bartlebaugh.


11:17 PM Joe Randazzo’s Animal Kingdom 

Adorable animals get fucking real.

Cast: Alex Beard, Geoff Blizard, Coonoor Behal, Ryan Brookshire, John Carroll, Alex Kazanas, Marianne Lalonde, Tony Lazzeroni, Joe Randazzo, John Schmitz, and John Windmueller.