7:30 PM Bri & Dan: Hosts with a Plan

Brianna Lux & Dan Milliken are great improv hosts who know how to warm up a crowd! ZOWWY!

Cast: Brianna Lux, Dan Milliken


7:38 PM A Double Date with Beverly Crusher

Every year, 2016 FIST champions Beverly Crusher performs the format of that year’s FIST champions. This year is no exception.

Cast: Lura Barber, Jenna Hall, Dan Miller, Jonathan Murphy


7:49 PM Trivia Pursuit!

Find out what happens when Trivial Pursuit facts come to life!

Cast: Louise Aberg, Joey Bailey, Grace Campion, Chelsea Criag, Emily Denny, Josh Dorsey, Em Fiske, Colette Luke, Marie Mekosh, Frankie Nicoletti, Joseph Price, David Schupak, David Stadish


8:00 PM Bad, Bad Dad Advice

A real life mother–son duo will flip their roles to perform father-daughter scenes inspired by the worst advice you have ever received.

Cast: Adam Joel, Hilary Joel


8:05 PM Field Day!

Alright kids, it’s Field Day, and you know what that means: Time to earn those trophies!

Cast: Geoff Blizard, Emily Fiske, Erin Murray, Jared Smith plus eight blind cast team members


8:16 PM Middle Finger Painters

Ever long for a scene that is fully painted in every detail, down to the scent of each blade of grass? The Middle Finger Painters will immerse you in a fully-realized world, opening each scene with an elaborate scenescape painted in intricate detail and then cracked open in front of your eyes.

Cast: Jane White, Nick Martinez, Matt Strote, Brianna Lux, Donna Steele, Ryan Brookshire, Tyler Laminack, Dan Milliken, Liz Sanders


8:23 PM If Walls Could Talk

Insect Fight Club Presents: The House in Spokane. If walls could talk, what would they say? Do they have PTSD from all the sexual deviant behavior they’ve seen? Who has it worse? The bathroom wall or the closet walls?

Cast: Natalia Antas, Sara Arkin, Ted Blanton, Eileen Breslin, Tawny Clark, Jennifer Hyman, Ted Livermore, Phil Morton, Paul Pearlman, Tandra Turner, Heather Marie Vitale


8:38 PM Interrogatory

The audience decides the crime and it’s up to the cops to figure out what happened.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Jordana Mishory, Joe Randazzo


8:45 PM Mad-ily Feud

Let’s plaaaaaay the Feud! Madeline plays the classic game show with Palooza audience members.

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Yaelle Grant, Dan Miller, Katie Ozog, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Patrick Slevin


8:56 PM Like Ya Daddy Did with the Szechuan Pepper Daddies

Ever feel like you’re turning into your dad? The Szechuan Pepper Daddies will take the stage doing things like your daddy did.

Cast: Cat Fullerton, Alex Kazanas, Kevin Mahoney, Ben Taylor, and Elise Webb


9:03 PM Huggy Smalls National Park

Join a friendly, knowledgeable park ranger making their daily rounds with all of the wonderful creatures in a national park.

Cast: Em Fiske, Jojo Franzen, Richie Khanh, Chris Orvin, Henry Ring, Nic Small, Jared Smith


9:14 PM Jive Turkey Politely Answers Your Stupid Questions

Jive Turkey’s Joe and Chris will bring their salty and sweet personalities to help answer your burning life questions.

Cast: Joe Randazzo, Chris Ulrich


9:25 PM You Rang

Alfred, Jeeves, Reginald, and all their butler friends are ready at your beck and call. Even when you didn’t call.

Cast: Joey Breems, Elaine Colwell, Lauren Cross, Darnell Eaton, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Saleh Karaman, Andy McIntyre, Dan Milliken, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Satish Pillalamarri, Krystal Ramseur, Joe Randazzo, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Eli Sloan, Jason Walther


9:36 PM Haiku-prov

Improv spoken slow. Poetic words are spoken. A haiku is made.

Cast: Alexander Abbott, Eileen Breslin, Lori Carpenter, Bizzy Fain, Ryan McClure, Matt Strote, Jason Walther, Nicholas Wheaton


9:41 PM I’m Still Here in D Flat

An in-depth interview of two aging but still unstoppable starlets who have seen and done it all, and then some.

Cast: Catherine Deadman, Jenna Hall, Denny Johnson


9:52 PM Happily Ever After?

And they lived happily ever after… or did they? Join us as we uncover the real end of your fairy tale stories!

Lori Carpenter, Rich Casey, Paul Chen, Mikail Faalasli, Em Fiske, Rosie Grant, Alex Kazanas, Nick Martinez, Katie Ozog, Seth Payne, Jaci Pulice, Joe Randazzo, Macey Schiff, Sam Schifrin, Annette Summers, Kristen Timko


10:03 PM Curveballs

Watch our performers try to keep up as wild curveballs are thrown at them from a “first-person narrator.”

Cast: Rob Falk, Jack Ireland, Adam Joel, Hilary Joel


10:14 PM O M Kenny G

Smooth Jazz, Smooth Improv.

Cast: Joe Dawson, Eva Lewis, Jaci Pulice


10:29 PM Dan Miller Reacts to Sound Effects

Dan Miller has been told he has an expressive face and crazy eyes. Watch them in full effect.

Cast: Dan Miller 


10:32 PM The O.C. Lost Tapes

Never before lost scenes deemed too dramatic, risky, and intense for FOX!

Cast: Kelsie Anderson, Felicia Barnes, Nicole Barrett, Diego Hernandez, William Kuduk, Jordana Mishory, Seth Payne, Krystal Ramseur, Heather Marie Vitale


10:43 PM 2018 Palooza Yard Sale

Let’s get rid of some of that junk in your garage and open up that space for love in your life.



10:54 PM The Miserable Mates Find the Light!

Cast into a a world of darkness the miserable mates help the audience overcome obstacles to find the light. Through trials and tribulation these mates battle their own incompetence and deep unrelenting sadness to unleash the light that all of us carry within or on our within.

Cast: Alex BeardHelm, Mark Chalfantande, Christopher Ulrich von Ulish


11:05 PM The Newly Engaged Game

Six improvisers team up with each other’s real-life fiances to play the ‘Newly Engaged Show” and win a magical honeymoon!

Cast: Emily Blake, Geoff Blizard, Joey Breems, Anthony Carter, Lauren Cross, Chris Fichman, Em Fiske, Adam Juskewitch, Jess Lee, Becky Mezzanotte, Chewie Pasque, Donna Steele, Matt Strote, Chris Westfall

11:16 PM wiTMZ

You’ve seen the gossip rag TMZ, now watch wiTMZ dish on all that hot goss…from ensembles to harold teams, from Chalfant’s hair product to that secret makeout spot in CentroNia, we’re turning over every rock…but never a new leaf.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Joe Dawson, John Heiser, Dennis Johnson, Margaret Lee, Molly Murchie, Jaci Pulice, Kourtney Ramseur, Krystal Ramseur, Kate Symes, Vic Whitten