7:30 PM Openers
For those who have watched, performed, loved, and/or hated “the mother of all longform styles,” BEHOLD: a Harold that endlessly opens.

Cast: Blind casting.

7:42 PM Visual Telephone
We’re gonna have performers do a scene, then another set of performers (who were distracted by sick beats 🎧) reenact the scene based on the body language of the performers that just went.

Cast: Leslie Turner, Avalon Warner-Gonzales, Kathryn Evans, Mason Heilman, Vasant Joseph, Kelly Shannon.

7:51 PM Sweet Sweet Swingouts
There’s no better feeling than letting music course through your body! Watch improvisers create scenes from watching a 1920’s jazz dance playtime!

Cast: Stacey Axler, Sol Aziz, Daniel Barrera, Amber Bellsdale, Jeff Bolen, Julia Eager, Nora Dell, Will Harris, Jason Karol Niesz, Isabelle Maricar, Max Mazzocchi, Olivia Nelson, Kacie Peterson, Michael Quisao, Daniel Savage, Elena Trafton, Annabel Truesdell Quisao, David Richman, Heather Marie Vitale, Lauren Wustenberg.

8:02 PM 5-Minute Harold
Watch these improvisers prove that everyone else is wasting time in their shows.

Cast: Hannah Piper and a blind cast.

8:07 PM Oops! All Group Games
Oh no! A major malfunction occurred at the WIT Harold factory which resulted in a performance that is nothing but group games!

Cast: JoJo Franzen; Craig Gagel; Mikki Smith; and 9 – 15 blind cast players.

8:22 PM The Rockin Gym Rats
Watch improvisors work out your favorite body part without you moving a muscle!

Cast: Aaron Harris, Darnell Eaton, Tracie, Turnipseed,Cam Luther, Amira Moore.

8:33 PM The Real Winners Presents: The Real Losers of High School
A Brain, an Athlete, mostly Basketcases. See high school like you’ve never seen it before but always wanted to – through the eyes of adult improvisers!

Cast: M.J. Welch, Hannah Piper, Emily Pirt, Sam Jackson, Genevieve Dabrowski, Kunal Duggal, Kat Kunkle, Sarah Burstyn, James Nugent, Matt Alexander.

8:44 PM Welcome to the Thunderdome Vol. 1
Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Cast: Sarah Baldwin, Kathryn Evans, Monica Hamilton, Mason Heilman, Vasant Joseph, Jordana Mishory, Kelly Shannon, Leslie Turner, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez.

8:48 PM PM The Last Transaction Scene
You thought you were buying an item at a convenience store, what you got was wisdom to save your life.

Cast: Josh Carter and Chris Ulrich.

8:57 PM Advanced Workshop: Improv in the Dating Scene
Learn from the experts on how you can *improv* to *improve* your dating life!

Cast: Caroline Howe, Megan John, Rae Lang, Hannah Piper.

9:06 PM Welcome to the Thunderdome Vol. 2
Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Cast: Sarah Baldwin, Kathryn Evans, Monica Hamilton, Mason Heilman, Vasant Joseph, Jordana Mishory, Kelly Shannon, Leslie Turner, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez.

9:10 PM Zeal Presents: Making Dad Proud! 
Zeal takes the stage with coach Alex to explore mentoring, coaching, support- and mischief!

Cast: Alex Kazanas, Will Ferriby, Meredith Garagiola, Sarah Herhold, Joey Scully, Tim Montgomery.

9:25 PM Help! There’s a Dragon in my Office 
It’s fantasy, but it feels so real. Watch your favorite mythical characters take on everyday human jobs in this comedy show about what it means to fit in.

Cast: Sam Sanders.

9:36 PM Welcome to the Thunderdome Vol. 3
Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Cast: Sarah Baldwin, Kathryn Evans, Monica Hamilton, Mason Heilman, Vasant Joseph, Jordana Mishory, Kelly Shannon, Leslie Turner, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez.

9:41 PM What’s In a Name?
Watch a group of improvisers try to create a defining format to match the brilliant name you supply them. Completely on the fly.

Cast: Alex Abbott, Geoff Corey, Genevieve Dabrowski, Meghan Faulkner, Mike Kopalek, Court McGrew, Anna Nelson, Hannah Piper, Joe Randazzo, Sophia Colon Roosevelt, Heather Marie Vitale.

9:52 PM Mama’s Boyz Presents: Emotional Baggage
Watch this mother-son duo of improvisers play out the audience’s made-up emotional baggage as a refreshing break from their own!

Cast: Hilary Joel, Adam Joel.

10:01 PM Talent Armand-Show
It’s an Armando! It’s a Talent Show! It’s a Talent Armand-Show! Come see some of your favorite improvisers showcase their other talents! And then use those talents to inspire scenes!

Cast: Erick Acuna, Caroline Chen, Melissa Gedney, Jenna Hall, Eva Lewis, Jordana Mishory

10:16 PM Affordable Luxury Presents: Groupons
Witness the Harold, the famed long-form improv format, inverted!

Cast: Morgan Burris, Joseph Busher, Brent Buxton, Genevieve Dabrowski, Abby Fu, Stephen Gabaur, Jonah Gordon, Emmy Harvey, Mike Kopalek, Eli Okun.

10:31 PM Sabado Picante Presents: Cumpleaños Feliz
We will perform an all-Spanish improvised telenovela. This time, the telenovela happens at a birthday party. The kind of party you would not want to host, but definitely witness.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Daniel Barrera, Ceci de Robertis, Analia Gomez Vidal, Matt Mansfield, David Steib, Heather Marie Vitale.

10:42 PM Dlorah (Harold Backwards)
It’s a reverse Harold.

Cast:  Melissa Gedney, Patrick Hsieh, Peter Jones, Nick Martinez, Clare Mulligan, Kelsey Peters, Bethany Stokes.

This show consists of one person, one “monster” — and a whole lot of heart.

Cast: Blind cast.

11:02 PM Gossip Hour
Four mothers teach their collective son how to spill the tea on close friends, colleagues, and random strangers off the street.

Cast: Genevieve Dabrowski, Jonah Gordon, Sarah Herhold, Hannah Piper, Mikki Smith.

11:11 The Morning Show
Start your day with the morning show.

Cast: Allison Yolo, Devin Hiett, Kae Tvrdy, Kevin Eggleston, Meghan Faulkner, Mike Frank, Niv Elis, Rae Lang,Turner Meeks.

11:26 PM Palooz-lyweds
All of these performers have gotten married since last Palooza! The day is fresh in their minds, so maybe they can offer some sage advice for romantic hopefuls!

Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Bethany Coan, Geoff Corey, Nina Hsu, Alex Kazanas, Lori Pitts, Elaine Tinkelman.