12:00 PM Because, Knitting
Can knitters and crocheters work on a project and improvise a great scene using only a vocabulary of needlework terms? Great comedy or just a tangled ball of yarn?

Cast: Chris Olinger + Blind casting.

12:14 PM WITle Ones
Babies, toddler, and kids of improvisers take to the stage to perform the greatest and most creative set of all time. Cuteness and chaos expected!

Cast: The children of the following improvisers: Neil Baron, Sabahat Begum, Jeff Bollen, John Carroll, Ceci De Robertis, Kaelan Fleury, Patrick Fleury, Derek Hayes, Dana Heiser, John Heiser, Brianna Lux, Kristina Martinez, Jessica Norman, Greer Smith, Lauren Woody.

12:24 PM Fate’s Improv Theatre
Step into Fate’s Improv Theatre and watch your fortunes come alive! Submit your fortunes, laugh uproariously, and join us on a whimsical journey as our performers craft hilarious scenes guided by the twists of fate.

Cast: David Schupak, Brent Buxton, Gabby Villegas, and Abby Haverty.

12:35 PM Only Carrots
Groups Scenes. Then more group scenes. Then more group scenes.

Cast: Erick Acuna, James Crisafulli, Cassie Hoffman, Kendall Hollimon, Anna Nelson, Jackson Smith, Becky Steffen, Isaac Stone, James Rogers, Damund Williams.

12:46 PM Love on the Spot: The Ultimate Dating Showdown
Every wanted to take over your friend’s dating life? Now’s your chance! At Love on the Spot, you pick who advances to the second, and all important third date. Come for the laughs, stay for the love.

Cast: Julia Gross (host) + 8 blind cast.

12:57 PM Let’s Have a Kiki
We got problems so complicated it might take a 5 year old to solve them!

Cast: Elijah Abram, Daniel Barrera, Kiki Bollen, Jeff Bollen, Geoff Corey, Elaine Colwell, Precious Jenkins, Kacie Peterson, Hannah Piper, Macey Schiff.

1:12 PM The Lazy Playwrights
Oops! We forgot to write a play. Watch as we figure out the story–organically.

Cast: Emily Dalton, Jonah Gordon, Jasper Harvey, Shea Hermann, Josh Kravitz, Adam Myers, Katie O’Donnell, Hannah Piper, Mikki Safro, Heather Marie Vitale.

1:23 PM It Has Pockets: Jumpsuit Lovers Unite (Onstage)
Jumpsuits and improv: both are fun, fashionable (yes, really!), and featured in this show.

Cast: Elizabeth Cutler, Shijit Dasgupta, Meghan Faulkner, Abigail Fu, Jasmine Jiang, Bri Lux, Ryan McClure, Goli Samini, Lisa Schreihart, Renan Snowden, Elaine Tinkelman.

1:35 PM Sip N Paint
Watch these partners in wine paint actual masterpieces inspired by the audience! But the real art is the friendship they have.

Cast: Morgan Burris, Caroline Chen, Lauren Cross, Tara Demmy, Morgan Flitt, Meredith Garagiola, Nina Hsu, Melissa Gedney, Molly Graham, Precious Jenkins, Alex Kazanas, Eva Lewis, Jordana Mishory.

1:48 PM Improvised Puppets
See puppets come to LIFE in this improvised puppet show!!

Cast: Blind casting.

1:59 PM Improvising Your Fortune: A Tarot-fying Experience
See your fate played out before your very eyes! Get a custom tarot reading and a glimpse at what is, was, and could be—with some hiccups along the way.

Cast: Avalon Warner-Gonzales, Kathryn Evans, Gabby Villegas, Mason Heilman, Leslie Turner, Kelly Shannon, Vasant Joseph.

2:10 PM A-to-A
You’ve heard of A-to-B, you’ve heard of A-to-C, but what if there was a show where it was all A-to-A? Now’s your luck chance to see it!

Cast: Blind casting.

2:15 PM Our Nostalgia
We have a lot of nostalgia, and we want to share that with you!

Cast: Erick Acuna, Gabriel Alejando, Neil Baron, Bethany Coan, Richie Khanh, Eva Lewis, Heather Marie Vitale.

2:30 PM Celebrating Milestones
We will celebrate and be celebrated in community.

Cast: Blind casting.

2:41 PM Stranger Things
Watch these perfect strangers turn the improv note of knowing your scene partner upside down.

Cast: Dana Malone Heiser, Jordana Mishory.

2:50 PM Book It
Does your book club never talk about the book? This one doesn’t either.

Cast: Elizabeth Cutler, Jonah Gordon, Bethany Stokes, Goli Samimi, Jasmine Jiang, Joseph Randazzo, Court McGrew, Stephanie Wester, Shawn Logue, Devin Hiett.

3:01 PM Ulysses Prov
Many have said Ulysses is the greatest book of all time. Will a sentence from that book lead to the greatest improv show of all time?

Cast: Armin Haracic.

3:12 PM A Straight Duo: Krys & G
Let’s get someting straight, this is a straight ass duo. Like, Krys and G are just going to straight duologue into their duo, and keep it straight funny.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Geoff Corey.

3:21 PM Sistine Robot is Not Allowed to Talk About It
Sistine Robot will do a show without discussing a taboo subject.

Cast: Paul Hitlin, Mikael Johnson, Jonathan Murphy, Joe Randazzo, Sara Rouhi, Kate Symes, Elise Webb.

3:32 PM The Hypothesis Presents: Climate Change
Watch professional scientists and improvisers make up scenes while constantly being reminded of the detriment of climate change.

Cast: Bethany Stokes, Ceci De Robertis, Goli Samimi, Henry Ring, Jordana Mishory, Nic Small, Nina Hsu, Slli’m Williams, Tom Di Liberto.

3:47 PM Climate Crises (Call Your Lawmakers!)
Being the change we want to see in the world.

Cast: Bethany Stokes, Ceci De Robertis, Goli Samimi, Henry Ring, Jordana Mishory, Nic Small, Nina Hsu, Slli’m Williams, Tom Di Liberto.

3:50 PM A Silent Short
Words not required (or allowed!) in this improvised silent short guaranteed to soundlessly steal hearts and minds!

Cast: Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Molly Graham, Ryan McCloskey, Chris Ulrich, Eddison Wilkinson.

3:59 PM That’s Not Fashion!
That’s Not Fashion!

Cast: Krystal Ali, Jenna Hall.

All the fun of a good old Saturday morning administrative law proceeding but with the accessibility of stilted, operatic singing!

Cast: Blind casting.

4:15 PM IRL Does a Virtual Show IRL
You thought online shows were done…

Cast: Paul Hitlin, Alex Kazanas, Julia Rocchi, Jason Walther, Elise Webb.

4:24 PM Audience Pep Talk
Everyone needs a pep talk sometimes. We’re here for you, audience members!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Stacey Axler, Matt Berman, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Patrick Fleury, Jenna Hall, Dana Malone Heiser, John Heiser, Richie Khanh, Eva Lewis, Jordana Mishory, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Macey Schiff, Tandra Turner.

4:35 PM Real Confessions
Remember those reality TV shows like The Real World, Big Brother, and Survivor? We perform scenes that break out into a “confessional” just like your favorite reality TV shows of yesteryear.

Cast: Daniel Barrera, Carlic Huynh, Shawn Logue, Andrea Mosee, Ben O’Hara, Amber Pineapple, Hannah Piper, David Richman, and Goli Samimi.

4:44 Slow/Fast AF Improv
It’s improv, but fast or slow AF.

Cast: Blind casting.

4:55 PM Play by Play (POC Edition)
Inspired by the genre known as “sports,” watch as a two improv nerds on the side with microphones provide live color commentary to some of the funniest POC improvisers (and two white tokens).

Cast: Erick Acuña, Samiyyah Ali, Neil Baron, Geoff Corey, Darnel Eaton, Eva Lewis, Richie Khanh, Krystal Ramseur, Clyde Thompson, Tandra Turner.

5:06 PM Across the J. Jonah-verse
Take a trip into the multi-verse as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle meets others just like him! Anyone can wear the ‘stache… as long as they hate that no-good webheaded menace, Spider-man!

Cast: Jonah Gordon, John Heiser, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Jordana Mishory, Matt Strote, Joe Randazzo, Eddison Wilkinson, Heather-Marie Vitale.

5:15 Duofusionprov!
CatDog makes their improv debut! Come watch chaos erupt as comedic duos fuse together into wacky creatures and magical alter egos!

Cast: Stephen Stahr + Blind cast.

5:26 PM We Are Our Dogs
Players’ dogs show up as human improvisers, ready to play.

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Geoff Corey, Genvieve Dabrowski, Meaghan Griffith, John Heiser, Mikki Smith, Macey Schiff, Elaine Tinkelman, Jason Walther.

5:37 PM SE Neighbors
6 neighbors (3 couples) from SE are ready to show the world why SE is the best place on Earth.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Jonathan Murphy, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Liz Sanders.

6:00 PM The T-Shirt Show
We’ve held onto some weird t-shirts from high school and college. What characters will they inspire?

Cast: Genevieve Dabrowski, Meghan Faulkner, Devin Hiett, Jasmine Jiang, Jeanna Kim, Shawn Logue, Jordana Mishory, Katie O’Donnell, Ben O’Hara, Stacey Pelika, Emily Pirt, Goli Samimi, Mikki Smith, Matt Strote, Joseph Randazzo.

6:14 PM Prov Swap
Everyone has a unique way of playing and now we’ll get to exploit that onstage and have fun with everyone’s style of play and characteristics.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Krystal Ramseur Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Bethany Coan, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Jenna Hall, Alex Kazanas, Clare Mulligan, Kelsey Peters, Macey Schiff.

6:23 PM Before They Were Stars
Ever wonder how these brilliant players got their start on stage? Find out what they did Before They Were Stars!

Cast: Hannah Piper + Blind Cast.

6:34 PM Hold Up: The Royal Wedding
Hold Up: a Black Book Club is back to discuss the wedding of DC improv power couple Krystal and Samiyyah Ali.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Derek Hayes + the cast of Hold Up.

6:45 PM Clenched Fist III: Now More Than Ever!
After mere months, the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament is back! It’s FIST, but condensed, and wilder than you’ve ever seen it. BE THERRRRE!!! RRERR!!

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Bethany Coan, Olivia D’Aoust, Meghan Faulkner, Mikhail Faalasli, Jonah Gordon, Julia Gross, Mason Heilman, Carlic Huynh, Alex Kazanas, Taylor Kniffin, Joshua Kravitz, Shawn Logue, Brianna Lux, Nick Martinez, Ryan McClure, Jordana Mishory, Ben O’Hara, Alissa Platz, Hannah Piper, Joe Randazzo, David Richman, Goli Samimi, Macey Schiff, Mikki Smith, Bethany Stokes, Matt Strote, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez.

7:01 PM Sideline Parents
You’ve heard of soccer moms and dads, but who knows how this improv team will be impacted by their improv moms and dads on the sidelines of their Palooza show.

Cast: Bethany Coan, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Jenna Hall, Nina Hsu, Alex Kazanas, Richie Khanh, Brianna Lux, Macey Schiff, Heather Marie Vitale, Simone Webster.

7:12 PM It’s Pronounced Gif
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how much is a gif? And how do you pronounce it? And why is fire Elmo? Let us answer at least one of these for you.

Cast: Alissa Platz, Nic Small, Jared Smith, Martin Steger.

7:23 PM The PowerPoint
Improvised Powerpoint Presentation for a fortune 500 company. You may wander where they presentation is going. Here’s the good thing, none of the cast knows either.

Cast: Bethany Stokes, Tara Demmy, and Chis Ulrich

7:32 PM Improv Gamble
All bets are off. The format, bits, and general schtick of this show will be literally decided by the roll of some dice.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Stacey Axler, John Carroll, Elaine Colwell, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Nina Hsu, Jasmine Jiang, Eva Lewis, Jordana Mishory, Jamal Newman, Kelsey Peters.

7:47 PM Certain Death
Someone’s going to die by the end of this show.

Cast: Michael Frank, Meghan Faulkner.

7:54 PM The Advertisement Show
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Palooza with a few scenes from our sponsors.

Cast: Blind casting.

8:05 PM Hellcat Performs with Men
Hellcat, an all-women ensemble, opens its stage to men for the first time ever.

Cast: Steph Wilson, Liz Hoke, Jenna Hall, Clare Mulligan, Lori Pitts, Melissa Gedney, Simone Webster, Krystal Ramseur.

8:20 PM Latinx States of America Presents: Bring Your Own Comida
See what happens when these Latine/x improvisers bring their typical dishes from their own countries, and do improv inspired by it.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Daniel Barrera, Ceci De Robertis, Analía Gómez Vidal, Diego Hernandez, Al-Hasan Koroma, Kristina Martinez, Nick Martinez, Paul Soto.

8:31 PM The Dinner Party Presents: Swear Jar
Three people gather for a dinner party. The main entree: tension. And for dessert? A heaping of fudging betrayal.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Molly Graham, Jordana Mishory.

8:42 PM What’s in your NotesApp?
Who you really are is hidden in your notes app; let’s expose it for comedy.

Cast: Carly Kraybill, Daniel Berrara, Erick Acuna, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Martin Steger, Meghan Faulkner, MJ Welch, Precious Jenkins, Sarah Herhold, Samiyyah Ali, Tim Montgomery.

8:53 PM Wordle-prov
Let’s watch some improv while solving the day’s Wordle!

Cast: Blind casting.

9:04 PM TFA Presents: Tags for Ages
A faster pace of improv for the attention span deprived.

Cast: John Carroll, Adam Fishbein, Jenna Hall, Thomas Harris, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Renan Snowden.

9:13 PM Jonah and Mikki’s Excellent Adventure
Two people that don’t do scenes together much finally get their chance. Come see what happens!

Cast: Jonah Gordon & Mikki Smith.

9:18 PM Moonstruck 2gether
Moonstruck 2? More like Moonstruck GLUE! See the 2023 FIST champs perform their entire set while stuck together.

Cast: Jordana Mishory, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Simone Webster.

9:29 PM Low Stakes, High Drama
The everyday, made dramatic.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Nicole Barrett, Sarah Herhold, Richie Khanh, Katie O’Donnell, Spencer Orenstein, Kelsey Peters, Alissa Platz, Molly Scott, Martin Steger, Jason Walther.

9:40 PM Silent Sign Guy
Just read it.

Cast: Professor Log.

9:42 Joey Noxy
Joe Randazzo has always wanted to be on Nox!, but he plays sooo differently than his dream team. So for one show only, Nox! members will play like Joe, and Joe will attempt to play like Nox! and prove he belongs on the team. Will Joe finally get on Nox!?

Cast: Joshua Carter, Geoff Corey, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Nina Hsu, Bri Lux, Aaron Mosby, Namakau Ombaba, Aubrey Peterson, Joe Randazzo, Tandra Turner, Matt Winterhalter, Chris Ulrich.

9:53 Love is Blind: The Improvised Reunion
Missing the drama of Love is Blind? Get a taste with this new, never-before-seen reunion special with a new cast of colorful characters.

Cast: Avalon Warner-Gonzales, Kelly Shannon.

10:04 PM Karaoke Video Supreme
We will make your karaoke video dreams come true!

Cast: Daniel Barrera, Lauren Beth, Shijit Dasgupta, Molly Graham, Shawn Logue, Katie O’Donnell, Spencer Orenstein, Hannah Piper, Goli Samimi, Renan Snowden, Peter Tzeng, Heather Marie Vitale.

10:15 PM Jack and Rose’s Unsinkable Improv Duo Showcase
Near, far, wherever you are, you’ll want to see Jack and Rose’s improv duo showcase. They promise they will never let go… of their character deals.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Jordana Mishory, Henry Ring.

10:26 PM Lena Dunham Presents: Thoughts and Prayers
First Baptist of Ebeneezer, Setting Sail on Noah with God’s Apostles and Righteous Chillren’s Church is sanctified under the highest most glorious honor. Fathered by the enlightened, faithful, laborious leadership of Pastor Reverend Penny Jackson. Located in Shelby, North Carolina this Megachurch is the power source for every dollar and decision made in the state of North Carolina.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Bam Alston, Darnell Eaton, Derek Hayes, Erica Johnson, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Simone Webster, Slli’m Williams.

10:41 PM Blooming Onion
Now that’s an Onion! Get your improv taste buds ready for a colossal appetizer that mixes the Onion and Pretty Flower formats.

Cast: Christina Ferrari, Craig Gagel, Jeanna Kim, Andrea Mosee, Steve Pilloff.

10:52 PM The WIThouse
Two sea captains share stories of the weird and fantastic from their voyages on the high seas.

Cast: Ryan McClure, Matt Strote.

10:57 PM Play By Play
Its like if improv was televised like a sporting event, with all the inane references.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Geoff Corey, Dana Heiser, John Heiser, Nina Hsu, Jordana Mishory, Jamal Newman, Goli Samimi, Jared Smith.

11:08 PM D&D – Dating in DC Meets RPG
Roll the dice and give DC dating a chance.

Cast: Blind casting.

11:19 PM Out Loud Presents: Mister Rogers’ Gayborhood
Every kid wanted to be Mister Rogers’ neighbor. Madeline, Outloud cast member, will host this gentle, thoughtful children’s show, and They treat their gay neighbors and all of their explicit requests as Mister Rogers’ would.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Geoff Corey, Madeline Dozier, Darnell Eaton, Adrian Gaston Garcia, Devin Hiett, Urmila Janardan, Nick Martinez, Clare Mulligan.

11:30 PM Jive Turkey Gives Bad Advice or Good Advice, I Don’t Know We’ll See
Its time to get your advice on. These two life coaches provide advice on a myriad of topics. Whether its good advice or bad advice is totally up to you.

Cast: Joe Randazzo, Chris Ulrich

11:39 PM Childish Things
Childish Things is like Toy Story if there were just three adults and no actual toys.

Cast: John Carroll, Jenna Hall, Henry Ring.

11:50 PM WITMZ
Breaking the biggest stories in WIT celebrity and entertainment news. Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only WITMZ can.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Samiyyah Ali, Geoff Corey, Derek Hayes, Darnell Eaton, Clare Mulligan, Kelsey Peters.

12:01 AM 1-800-FIREDEPARTMENT Presents: What’s Your Emergency?
Got a problem? 1-800-FIREDEPARTMENT is on the job! Mildly inconvenient times call for desperate measures.

Cast: Madeline Dozier, Mikail Faalasli, Svend Larsen, Ryan McCloskey, Bethany Stokes.

12:12 AM Speed 3 Pitch Meeting
Following the success of the new Top Gun movie, Hollywood has decided to greenlight production of the new Speed sequel.

Cast: Blind casting.

12:17 AM Speed 3
See what happens when a cast of improvisers create the movie Speed 3 using notes from other improvisers.

Cast: Blind casting.

12:28 AM Puss and Kooch: She is the Eon
Time is the antithesis of she.

Cast: Kara Kinsey, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur.