12:00 PM T.M.I.? – A Montage of Oversharing

There is no such thing as too much information.

Cast: Shawn Logue, Hannah Piper, David Richman, Sophia Roosevelt, Liz Sanders, Lisa Schreihart, Alison Schiebelhut

12:14 PM No Words

See what happens when words fail…or disappear completely

Cast: Jaclyn Cole, Carter Harvey, Sarah Herhold, Ashleigh Meade, Erin Sehnert, Kelly Shannon, Becky Steffen

12:23 PM Sir Confessalot Remixed

See random improvisers act out your deepest confessions live!

Cast: Blind casting

12:34 PM Answer the Door

Is it opportunity knocking? These two improvisers will never know.

Cast: Nic Small, Heather Marie Vitale

12:39 PM Swipe Left

Dating in DC– looking for love one swipe at a time.

Cast: Daniel Barrera, Brent Buxton, Genevieve Dabrowski, Smriti Goel, Peter Jones, Beatrice Leydier, Shawn Logue, Stacey Pelika, David Richman, Molly M. Scott

12:50 PM What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Package)

You can never be too prepared for your next package from Amazon.

12:59 PM WITtle Ones 2022

WITtle Ones say the darndest things!

Cast: Sabahat Begum, Jeff Bollen, Jon Chesebro, Julia D’Ambrosi, Ceci De Robertis, Tom Di Liberto, Matt Mansfield, Jessica Norman, Emily Price, Marc Reber, Julia Rocchi, Erin Smith

1:08 PM Anxie-TEA

Anxiety tells us things we know aren’t real… but what if they were? We’re here to explore what that world would look like!

Cast: Stacey Axler, Barrera Daniel, Jackson JJ, Logue Shawn, Safro Smith Michelle, Lisa Schreihart

1:17 PM 7 Minutes of Closure

Had a bad break up and in need of highly specific emotional closure? Don’t miss “7 Minutes of Closure” and we’ll make you feel better, guaranteed!

Cast: Sarah Baldwin, Justin Iorio

1:24 PM Story Time with Kiki

Out of the mouths of babes…when we unlock the imagination of a 4 year old, the adults bring it to life!

Cast: Elijah Abram, Jeff Bollen, Keira Bollen, Geoff Corey, Kevin Eggleston, Justine Hipsky, Nina Hsu, Precious Jenkins, Jordana Mishory, Nic Small, Heather Marie Vitale, Jane White

1:35 PM Improv Re-Do

A group of perfectionists takes a scene and makes it better. And then better. And then better. But is better always better? Find out…

Cast: Genevieve Dabrowski, Smriti Goel, Jonah Gordon, Kathryn Kunckle, Alissa Platz, Michelle Smith

1:46 PM How Did This Get Made LIVE

WIT is so excited that the cast of How Did This Get Made will do a live recording of their podcast for a movie that doesn’t exist

Cast: Bethany Coen, Ryan McClure, Heather Marie Vitale

1:55 PM Second Hand History

History, told through very blurry eyes.

Cast: Owen McCoy, Mike O’Connor, Alison Wilson,

2:06 PM Improvisation Against Procrastination

Many improvisers need a stage to be doing things on the spot. So these improvisers will be bringing the chores they have been procrastinating on in their life, and do them right there. On the spot.

Cast: Bethany Coan, Lauren Gabel, Thomas Lam, Béatrice Leydier, Ben O’Hara, Christine Ollinger, David Richman, Lisa Schreihart, Mikki Smith,

2:16 PM The Floor is BakLAVA

Group scene of mundane task workers react with explosive chaos as baklava tries to take over the floor around them!

Cast: Blind casting

2:25 PM We Are Not From Outer Space

We are not aliens…or are we?

Cast: John Heiser, Dana Malone Heiser, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Jessica Norman, Katie Ozog, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff

2:36 PM Crazy and Back

This show will explore the roach back from crazy town

Cast: Brent Buton, Eizabth Cutler, Anuj Christian, Mikail Faalasli, Meaghan Griffith Rae Lang, Svend Larsen, Aubry Peterson, Samantha Watson

2:47 PM Indigo League

You’re my best friend in a world we must defend!

Cast: Blind casting

2:56 PM Follow the Lisa Presents: HIIT Happens

What happens when a High Intensity Improv Team does High Intensity Interval Training on stage while performing? HIIT Happens!

Cast: Grace Campion, Courtney Chinn, Andy Detweiler, Tim Little, Lisa Schreihart, John Sener, Lisa Silverman

3:07 PM Melanin Adrenaline


Cast: Erick Acuña, Daniel Barrera, Sabahat Chaudhart, Anuj Christian, Ceci De Robertis, Darnell Eaton, Adrian Garcia, Diego Hernandez, Nina Hsu, Richie Khanh, Nick Martinez, Krystal Ramseur, Nic Small, Simone Webster, Slli’m Williams

3:18 PM Dungeons and Dragons: Live!!

The classic table top game/satanic ritual has finally been brought to the stage! Musical numbers, high quality costumes, and deeply sensical storyline are all things you are unlikely to see at this roaring good time!

Cast: Alex Abbott, Matt Alexander, Gina Cordero, Hannah Piper, Jane White

3:29 PM Improv On Ice!

Come witness the adventure of a lifetime when improvised comedy meets world-class ice skating!

Cast: Stacey Axler, Nicole Barrett, Chris Carusiello, Rosie Grant, Richie Khanh, Kelsey Peters, Michelle Safro Smith, James Zipadelli

3:36 PM Music Box

What if there was a soundtrack to everyday life?

Cast: Samiyyah Ali, Geoff Corey, Kaelan Fleury, Patrick Fleury, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory, Henry Ring, Renan Snowden

3:47 PM Stage Fright

See what REALLY goes on in improvisors’ minds

Cast: Brent Buxton, Gina Cordero, Ceci De Robertis, J.J. Jackson, Shawn Logue, Court McGrew, Christine Lowther Olinger, Steve Pilloff, David Richman, Alison Schiebelhut, Kris Shenenberger

3:58 PM Help! My Mom Needs Retirement Advice

Please give my Mom retirement advice so she will stop trying to run my life!

Cast: Chris Olinger, Mark Olinger + 4 blind cast members

4:09 PM How Hard Can It Be?

Kids are so cute, right? How hard can it really be?

Cast: Elise Buckley, Ceci De Robertis, Aimee Imundo, Matt Mansfeld, Jessica Norman, Steve Pilloff, Samantha Watson,

4:18 PM Age-appropriate Dating ft. Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen speed dates people in his age group — hotties from every era.

Cast: Allie Crump, Madeline Dozier, Kunal Duggal, Cameron How, Urmila Janardan

4:29 PM Twilight Zone

You better hold on tight, spider monkey. Because this show is inspired by the brilliant beautiful written words of the Twilight saga.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Samiyyah Ali, Stacey Axler, Elaine Colwell, Patrick Fleury, Molly Graham, Tim Harkin, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Nic Small, Isabelle Solomon, Martin Steger, Slli’m Williams

4:40 PM Reclaiming Milestones

We are not letting the pandemic preventing from feeling and spreading the joy of our milestones since 2020. We will celebrate and be celebrated.

Cast: Ceci de Robertis; Analía Gómez Vidal; Brandon Ingram; JJ Jackson; Béatrice Leydier

4:51 PM Improva-Peloton

Improv and Peloton can both be cults. What happens when the two mix?

Cast: Kaelan Fleury, Patrick Fleury, Dana Heiser, John Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Nina Hsu, Renan Snowden

5:02 PM The Dinner Party Presents: DRAMA!

Three people gather for a dinner party. The main entree: tension. And for dessert? A heaping of betrayal.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Molly Graham, Jordana Mishory

5:09 PM Gas

Feeling low? We’ll gas you up. It’s all about the love with us.

Cast: Justine Hipsky, Kristina Martinez, Nick Martinez, Krystal Ramseur, Macey Schiff, Matt Strote,

5:18 PM Mary Poppins

Inspired by Mary Poppins’ never ending purse, mystery items pulled from a purse alter the course of the scene. The twist is that audience gets to decide when!

Cast: Genevieve Dabrowski, Smriti Goel, Kat Kunkle, Alissa Platz,

5:29 PM Utopia

Everything is perfect in Utopia, right?

Cast: David Brescia-Weiler, Geoff Corey, Justine Hipsky, Bill Nelson, Isabelle Solomon, Simone Webster, Eddison Wilkinson

5:38 PM Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

What were these spotlight-loving improvisers like in high school?

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Daniel Berrara, Rosie Grant, Molly Graham, John Heiser, Katie Ozog, Kelsey Peters, David Richman, Samantha Watson



6:00 PM You’re Listening To…

You’re Listening to WIT Radio. Where improvisers play the hits. Up next…

Cast: Alex Abbott, Matt Alexander, Matt Berman, Geoff Corey, Justus Hammond, Dana Malone Heiser, John Heiser, Carl Isee, Alex Kazanas, Nick, Martinez, Andy McIntyre, Anna Nelson, Jamal Newman, Katie Ozog, Alissa Platz, Goli Samimi, Matt Strote, Heather Marie Vitale

6:10 PM Da Friends and Dafoes

Your favorite episode of Friends, as interpreted by a cast of Willem Dafoes and directed by Lars Von Trier.

Cast: Alex Beard, Jennal Hall, Jordana Mishory, Molly Murchie, Colin Murchie, Liz Sanders

6:17 PM The Gang’s All Queer

Come watch your latest TV binge — a sitcom where the whole cast (except for one person) is queer … but in a way that’s not too scary.

Cast: Sophia Colón Roosevelt, Kevin Eggleston, Liz Hoke, Peter Jones, Michael Kopalek, Hannah Piper, Michelle Safro Smith, Marjanna Smith, Christen Sparago, Kae Tvrdy, Jane White

6:28 PM Improvised PhD TED Talk

See what happens when real-life PhD’s give a TED Talk using slides their just seeing for the first time.

Cast: D’Aoust Olivia, Kaze Tom, Hsu Nina, Isee Carl, Pelika Stacey, Vidal Analia Gomez

6:39 PM Faculty Lounge

Come see your WIT teachers walk their talk!

Cast: WIT faculty

6:54 PM That Makes Me Feel Like Dancing!

Some days, you’ve gotta dance

Cast: Blind-casting show

7:05 PM Manic Pixie Dream Humans

This is unlike any rom com you’ve ever seen before and we know you’re going to like it!

Cast: Jessica Estepa, Andy McIntyre, Michelle Safro Smith, Renan Snowden, Peter Tzeng, Heather Marie Vitale, Allison Wilson,

7:16 PM Not Nox! Vox

Is that Nox!? It doesn’t sound like Nox!

Cast: Geoff Corey, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Nina Hsu, Bri Lux, Sean Paul Ellis, Chris Ulrich, Matt Winterhalter

7:31 PM Schtick, Schtick… BOOM! Presents: Mike Check

What happens when you have to do a musical, but the musician is nowhere to be found?!

Cast: Molly Graham, Jordana Mishory, Mike O’Connor, Simone Webster

7:46 PM We Remember the Bicentential

Check out Palooza’s oldest troupe. We’ve lived.

Cast: Blind Cast

7:57 PM First Comes Love

First comes love, then comes…? #WillTheyorWontThey

Cast: Dana Heiser, John Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Saad Chaudhry, Krystal Ramseur, Macey Schiff, Tandra Turner, Sll’im Williams

8:12 PM 4C Presents: We’re Not Wrong!

You might be on the fence about this issue, but they surely are not. The ladies of 4C are opinionated and they promise you they are not wrong!

Cast: Precious Jenkins, Simone Webster

8:21 PM On Tap

Don’t shuffle-ball-change that channel! These experienced tap dancers will be combining dance with improv!

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Morgan Flitt, Molly Graham, Alice Lipowicz, Jordana Mishory, Katie Munn, Kacie Peterson, Sam Schifrin, Jasmine Segall

8:32 PM The Real Household Appliances of DC

In the kitchen you can be anything, but it’s most important to be yourself.

Cast: Sabahat Chaudhary, Ceci De Robertis, Kaelan Sullivan Fleury, Meredith Garagiola, Dana Malone Heiser, Nina Hsu, Jessica Norman, Katie Ozog

8:43 PM Dueling Duologues

Two couples having dinner, all smiles and pleasantries because they love each other and everything. No one disagrees, we swear, everything is wonderful. Love these people, not lying. Best friends, never been better.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Kevin Eggleston, Liz Hoke, Mike Kopalek

8:52 PM Clenched FIST

FIST is back! What? Already? Yes. But this time it’s faster, more intense, and more reliant on those audience votes than ever! 8 teams! 20 minutes! 1 winner! Catch it.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Jeff Aich, Nicole Barrett, Jeff Bollen, Bethany Coan, Geoff Corey, Olivia D’Aoust, Mikhail Faalasi, Meghan Faulkner, Justine Hipsky, Meredith Garagiola, Carl Isee, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Beatrice Leydier, Ryan McClure, Bill Nelson, Katie Ozog, Alissa Platz, David Richman, Macey Schiff, Renan Snowden, Matt Strote, Samantha Watson

9:07 PM Edward Spaghetti Fingers

If you like improv, you’ll love seeing improv where each performer has a piece of bucatini taped to each of their fingers. What happens if someone breaks a noodle? Well you’ll just have to come find out….

Cast: Blind Cast

9:17 PM 96.7 Snag and Bam and Ham Live

Stuck in traffic on your morning commute again? Tune in to 96.7, the only station playing all the Snag, all the Bam, and all the Ham you need to get through rush hour alive.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Justine Hipsky, Henry Ring

9:28 PM The yeSand-erson Sisters

The Sanderson Sisters will put a spell on you with their improv. If only they could Hocus Focus on their yes, and, in an aim to prevent their Level 1 showcase from running amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck!

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Molly Graham, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy

9:39 PM Thoughts & Prayers

The cast of Lena Dunham takes the stage as their 2020 online show-Thoughts & Prayers. We will be taking and discussing prayers requests from the audience throughout the show and providing our own unique perspective and commentary as our Church characters.

Cast: Darnell Eaton, Derek Hayes, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Krystal Ramseur, Nic Small, Simone Webster, Slli’m Williams


Tom and Jared are real life meteorologists, here to joyously spread our gift of meteorological knowledge to help you plan your day.

Cast: Tom DiLiberto, Jared Smith

10:01 PM An Acapella Disney Adventure

A musical featuring your favorite Disney songs, sung acapella, in the most unlikely places.

Cast: Alex Apostolos Kazanas, Geoff Corey, Lauren Cross, Darnell Eaton, Molly Graham, Justine Hipsky, Sam Schifrin, Mikki Smith, Adrianne Thomas

10:16 PM 1-800-FIREDEPARTMENT Goes To Washington

See what happens when your favorite government service calls 1-800-FIREDEPARTMENT.

Cast: Mikail Faalasli, Amanda Hahn, Svend Larsen, Eli Okun, Bethany Stokes

10:27 PM Florida Headlines!

Florida, wth is going on down there? Wanna find out? Yes? Then come check out Florida Headlines brought to you live on stage! Florida Headlines brings you the latest crazy stories from the panhandle state and explores how it all went down!

Cast: Justus Hammond, Dana Malone Heiser, Em Fiske, Justine Hipsky, Spencer Leonard, Sophia Colon Roosevelt, Michelle Safro Smith, Liz Hoke, Katie Ozog, Hannah Piper

10:38 PM Seinfeld: Unscripted

What’s the deal with Seinfeld being scripted? See what happens when it’s not.

Cast: Elaine Colwell as Elaine Benes; Patrick Fleury as George Costanza; Alex Kazanas as Frank Costanza; Jordana Mishory as Estelle Costanza; Liz Sanders as Jerry Seinfeld; Chris Ulrich as Cosmo Kramer

10:53 PM Cookoutsado

The Cookout and Latinx States of America are two families meeting for the first time at a cookout/asado.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Samiyyah Ali, Daniel Barrera, Lee Bennett III, Ceci De Robertis, Analia Gomez Vidal, Derek Hayes, Diego Hernandez, Precious Jenkins, Kristina Martinez, Nick Martinez, Nicole McCauley, Namakau Ombaba, Lori Pitts, Kourtney Ramseur, Krystal Ramseur, Paul Soto, Clyde Thompson, Tandra Turner, Simone Webster, Sllim Williams, Eddison Wilkinson

11:08 PM Metapalooza, or Six Characters in Search of an Improviser

See what happens when six improvisers dress up for their own palooza show but don’t tell the others until they’re all on stage.

Cast: Blind-casting

11:19 PM Tattooweenies

Watch someone get live-tattooed* on their arm (or leg? or back???) while doing improv.

Cast: Neil Baron, Bethany Coan, Paul Hitlin, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Chris Lewitzke, Kristina Martinez, Katie Ozog

11:30 PM Improvised Peter and the Wolf

Remember Peter and the Wolf??? We’re making one up!

Cast: Elaine Collwell, Gina Cordero, Shijit Dasgupta, Lauren Gabel, Molly Graham, Jenna Hall, Dana Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Liz Hoke, Jordana Mishory, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Molly Scott, Christen Sparago, Simone Webster, Jane White

11:41 PM First Fight, Last Date

Watch a couple navigate their first fight and jump forward in time to see them on their very last date.

Cast: John Heiser, Katie Ozog

11:49 PM Heavy Punktation

There’s a lot to rage about in the world today. Let Heavy Rotation rock.

Cast: Adrianne Thomas, Diego Hernandez, Erick Acuña, Isabelle Solomon, Jared Smith, Jason Walther, Katie O’Donnell, Martin Steger, Nicole Barrett, Richie Khanh, Sarah Cottrill, Spencer Orenstein

12:05 AM GayPornProv

No way, bro, I’d neeever go see THAT show. I mean, like, I guess I’ve been curious about it once or twice…

Cast: Joey Breems, Ryan Campbell, Mark Chalfant, Geoff Corey, Darnell Eaton, Kevin Eggleston, Denny Johnson, Adam Koussari-Amin, Nick Martinez, Ryan McClure, Bryce Slinger, Jason Walther

12:16 AM Puss and Kooch: Desire

She will take you on a spherical path to discover what you desire above all else.

Cast: Kara Kinsey, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur

12:23 AM Soda Jerks

We serve free ice cream to the entire audience. Who doesn’t love free ice cream?!

Cast: Sean Ellis, Alex Beard, Geoff Corey, Nina Hsu, Saleh Karaman, Jordana Mishory, Heather Marie Vitale, and Jamal Newman