Corporate Support

Discover ways your company can support the vibrant and thriving Washington Improv Theater community.

Washington Improv Theater (WIT) is a nonprofit organization that brings the transformative power of improvisation to the Washington, D.C. area. With your help, we can continue to inspire creativity, promote inclusivity, and foster community through our innovative performances, classes, and outreach programs.

Here are the various ways in which companies support WIT’s mission and programming:

Employee Giving Programs

Many companies offer employee giving programs, allowing you to make tax-deductible donations to nonprofit organizations like WIT directly from your paycheck. Talk to your Human Resources department to learn about your company’s charitable giving policies and get them to include WIT as a supported organization.

Matching Gifts

Numerous organizations provide matching gift programs, in which they match the donations made by their employees to eligible nonprofits. This can double, or even triple, the impact of your donation to WIT. Ask your employer if they offer a matching gift program and how to participate.


Corporate Sponsorship

Encourage your company to become a corporate sponsor for one of WIT’s shows or events. Sponsorship benefits typically include brand visibility, recognition in event materials, and opportunities to engage with WIT’s audience. Reach out to WIT’s development team at to explore sponsorship opportunities.


Workshop Sponsorship

Many businesses have non-profit partners they support. Sponsoring a team-building workshop for the leadership team of a non-profit can be a powerful way to amplify that support.

In-Kind Donations

If your company produces goods or services that could benefit WIT, consider recommending an in-kind donation. Examples include office space for classes, technical equipment, or catering services for events. In-kind donations help WIT save resources and can be a great way for your company to give back.


Organize a Fundraiser

Coordinate a fundraising event at your workplace to raise awareness and funds for WIT. This could be a bake sale, a raffle, or a themed party. Get creative and use your unique skills to inspire your coworkers to contribute to WIT’s mission.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many through the power of improv. Start today by engaging your company in supporting Washington Improv Theater! For any questions or support in engaging your company, please contact our Development team at