WIT’s Values

WIT Core Values are comprised of the following:

Facilitating Creative Joy and Self-Discovery

WIT is dedicated to using longform improv to bring joy into people’s lives and using it to help people learn about and express themselves.


Centering Humanity

WIT prioritizes people, including their health, safety, and mental well-being. Levity, shared laughter, and joy are vital to human well-being, and WIT creates spaces where these are possible for all. 


Building Community

WIT recognizes improv’s ability to counteract the isolating factors of modern life and to form bonds between people and facilitates the creation of multiple intersecting communities within its reach.

Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

WIT creates a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels like they belong and can be their preferred self. WIT embraces its continued evolution in cultivating an organization that is anti-oppressive in every form.


Building and Fostering Diversity at All Levels

WIT believes that improv can offer something to everyone and everyone can bring their own voice to improv. As an extension of our inclusive environment, WIT values serving a diverse spectrum of patrons, students, and artists.


Valuing Openness and Transparency

WIT proactively shares information about our actions and our decision-making. We are responsive to community input.