Why Improv

Businesses have discovered that improv-based trainings are effective ways to build collaboration, communication, and creativity (in addition to being a ton of fun). Washington Improv Theater is proud to be the area's most experienced facilitator of improv-based trainings.

We know, sometimes people can be skeptical. But our clients tell us that trainings helped unlock new ways of thinking and brought their teams closer together.

The benefits of improv in the workplace has been covered by publications like Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, and more.

Check out these articles and links to learn more about why improv trainings work and which companies and nonprofits have already reaped its rewards.

"In improv, failure is a rite of passage. Everyone, even the best, fail from time to time as they work on material. But in business, we are not OK with failure. We say we are, because that’s what a TED Talk told us..."

The Chicago Tribune explores how more and more businesses are sending their employees to improv sessions to hone communication skills.

Why Improv Training Is Great Business Training

Jesse Scinto, a lecturer in Columbia University’s Strategic Communications programs, breaks down why improv trainings help businesses.
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Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke

MIT lecturer: “Improv teaches you how to think on your feet and how to react and adapt very quickly to unexpected events and things you may not have planned for.”
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