Alex Beard

Alex’s roots in acting stem back to elementary school, where he played iconic roles such as the Easter Bunny and the moon.

He went on to study theater as well as leadership and social change at Virginia Tech, where he founded Lolopolis Comedy Group. Upon graduation in 2012 Alex continued his improvisational theatre studies at iO and the Second City Conservatory in Chicago.

Alex has appeared in WIT’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s Del Close Marathon.

He currently manages Loudoun County Virginia’s Youth Advisory Council, a year round youth-development and leadership program, with the mission of implementing youth oriented community service activities and events. To get his creative energy flowing, Alex teaches teen longform classes, coaches two teen improv groups, and teaches at WIT.


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The non-racist part of Walt Disney
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Alex Beard is the Spirit Airlines of improv instructors.

Alex holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Virginia Tech and has trained at the Second City Conservatory and iO Training Center in Chicago. He is currently an ensemble member of WIT’s Nox!, and has been performing and teaching improvisational theatre for the past 10 years. He currently coaches two high school improvisational theatre ensembles, and teaches teen longform classes in Loudoun County Virginia.

He is driven to push his students to explore their honest emotional state, to live in the moment, and to make real connections with their scene partner(s) and audience. He strives to “rough” his students up a bit, give lasting notes, and have some laughs so that we all may transcend to the level of gods and poets together.

Alex has appeared in WIT’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament, the Philadelphia Improv Festival, as well as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s Del Close Marathon.

Student feedback

“I appreciated Alex’s teaching style, and his dedication to the study of imrov”

“Alex was great and I loved his energy from day one. He pushed me outside my improv comfort zone and made me address my weaknesses and crutches. I really appreciated that”

“Fantastic. Provided excellent feedback”

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Literally (when it's not actually literal)
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