Hellcat featuring Uncle Gorgeous and Consciousness

Come out to 14th Street where WIT's unpredictable improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show.


Friday April 14, 2023
9:30 PM
$5.00 - $25.00

Hellcat show is like a really strong Dirty Shirley: sweet at first, but sour and bitter underneath. We’re playful and fun, but also sharp and cutting, and we are equally committed to the absurd and the heartfelt — because we know that life is all things at once. When you leave a Hellcat show, you’ll ask questions like, “Do these women have rabies?” “Is 4th wave feminism finally here?” “Should I start a commune with all my best girlfriends?”

Uncle Gorgeous brings you a 25-minute silly supercut of the highs, lows, hilarity, beauty, and of course, scandal of existing in today’s world. The performers will feel like your favorite fun uncles when they improvise a feel-good comedy set based on what makes you feel gorgeous.

Inspired by UCB’s Strife, Consciousness is a satirical wink at pretentious actors and over the top organic improv. The team – dressed in all black like true thespians – enters the stage and poses dramatically before condescendingly acquiring their get. They then proceed to create an entire organic improv show that is continuously evolving – dream-like, pompous, and absurd – featuring bold dramatic choices that are equal parts pretentious and hilarious. Cast: Darnell Eaton; Jenna Hall; Steve Karig; Adam Levine; Jonathan Murphy; Jessica Norman; Liz Sanders; Jared Smith

Meet Hellcat

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Uncle Gorgeous
Meet Uncle Gorgeous

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