The Wonder Years + Until One Day + Nox!

Embrace the chaos of the holidays! At Washington Improv Theater's medley of unscripted shows, you never know what the performers will unwrap. From iMusical's famous improvised musicals to the improvised romantic comedy Improv Actually, each show is full of wonderful surprises.


Sunday December 20, 2015
5:00 PM
$12 in advance, $15 at the door
$30 reserved seating

Nox! presents Hard Nox! Life: The holidays are hard. Let Nox! help you through your stages of grief. Laughter is the greatest gift.

Cast: Lura Barber, Alex Beard, Sean Paul Ellis, John Heiser, Brianna Lux, Yuliya Malamud, Aaron Mosby, Chris Ulrich, Matt Winterhalter. Director: Reaves McElveen.

The Wonder Years: Cuddle up by the fireplace with The Wonder Years!* Let us tug at your heart strings as we explore emotions like love, backstabbing, and gravy. Gravy is an emotion. *Fireplace not included

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Elaine Colwell, Juliann Gorse, Tim Harkin, Tracey Ross, Sarah, Yoo, Coach: Macey Schiff

Until One Day presents Home for the Holidays: You’ll tell us a story about your holiday plans. We’ll tell you a story about what could happen instead. Watch the made-up holiday story come alive as we paint a picture entirely in your imagination.

Cast:  Sophia Cai, Caroline Chen, Cecilia De Robertis, Richie Khanh Nguyen, Deanna Price, Andrew Rademaker. Coach: Greer Smith.

Drawing inspiration from the movie Love Actually, the show takes place in our fair city of Washington, D.C. Improv Actually introduces us to an eclectic mix of Washingtonians who are falling in love, falling out of love, and (quite possibly) falling back in love again.

sssscast of singer-improvisers instantly creates a compelling new show with each performance, comprised of completely improvised scenes, lyrics and music, all inspired by a single audience suggestion.

  • Doors open approximately 30 minutes before curtain time. All seating is general admission except for reserved seating, which will be in the first three rows.
  • In the case of sold-out shows, seats cannot be held for late arrivals and unclaimed tickets may be resold. This includes reserved seats.
  • In the case of a sold-out shows, we may offer a limited number of half-price stand-by tickets. These seats will be on the floor in front of the first row or along the sides
  • Other questions? Check out our general FAQ.
Meet Nox!

Nox! holds a funhouse mirror up to today’s society. Read More