Sriracha + Deuce + Improv Actually

WIT special project Improv Actually presents a workshop performance alongside duos Sriracha (Stacy Hayashi, Dan Lee) and Deuce (Joe Uchno, Shawn Westfall).


Saturday November 15, 2014
8:30 PM

1835 14th St. NW Washington DC 20009

Catch a sneak peek of Improv Actually before it debuts in Seasonal Disorder! In this workshop performance, the cast will create a holiday-themed romantic comedy in the vein of Love Actually.

Guest troupes:

Sriracha – Madeline’s Dan Lee and Nox!’s Stacy Hayashi incorporate seemingly non-compatible improv styles in one show: game-based (UCB), character-driven (iO), altered reality (narrative-influenced world-building), and real (TJ & Dave).

Deuce – A tennis-themed, two-person improv show in the style of Bassprov, but cooler. Two tennis professionals (Joe Uchno and Shawn Westfall), complete with wardrobe and props, await a match in the locker room while exploring the intricacies of the human condition.

Improv Actually
Meet Improv Actually

Love is all around in Improv Actually, a holiday-themed romantic comedy. Read More