Saturday February 11, 2017
4:00 PM
Pay What You Choose

Source Rehearsal Room (upstairs)
1835 14th St. NW


Three years ago, they stole 160 million dollars. Now the only thing between their old enemy and their new one is an Ocean.

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Tim Harkin, Jordana Mishory, Elijah Sloan

Take a Step Back

Four gal pals, except most of us aren’t gals, talking about life’s little misadventures and social faux pas.

Cast: David Richman, Emily Price, Elliott Shugoll, Jason Walther

Baby’s Corner

Four former WIT ensemble Season Six teammates reunite for some bundles of fun improv. When baby gets put in a corner, lots of giggles ensue.

Cast: Sabahat Chaudhary, Jon Chesebro, Ami Krasner, Murphy McHugh

Jive Robot

A radical amalgamation of two of D.C.’s longest running indie teams.

Cast: Paul Hitlin, Joe Randazzo, Sara Rouhi, Chris Ulrich


General information

  • Tickets are Pay What You Choose.
  • No late seating.
  • Please communicate any accessibility issues in advance to WIT.