¡Navidad Picante! + Prettier Than You + Nox!


Saturday December 6, 2014
10:00 PM

The holidays are right around the corner and Nox’s! minds are brimming with new and wonderful ideas worth spreading! In Holiday Nox! Talks, the members of the ensemble Nox! improvise TED talks and present short scenes based on audience suggestions.

The cast of the wildly popular Spanish telenovela ¡Sábado Picante! is back to bring you more lies, more cheating, and more drama — during the Christmas season! The telenovela characters will don festive moda navideña – Christmas-themed clothing – and try to survive the holiday in their close-knit pueblo.

Prettier Than You Presents Sightless Night where a holiday-themed story is created during an opening with rhyming straight out of (an improvised) children’s book. This structure will lead into two parallel story lines focused on the characters created by the opening.


Meet Nox!

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