Powerballz Jamz

Watch former FIST champions jump in to play with three groups of students and WIT ensemble and Harold team players. Formed in a lottery-style mash-up of ensemble players and students, these groups will exist for one night only.


Thursday April 2, 2015
8:30 PM

Powerballz Jamz are about shaking things up a bit and having students improvise alongside longtime WIT players. For this series, there will be three 20-minute sets with one FIST champion in each set.

Tonight’s FIST champion: Chris Lash & Colin Murchie

Chris Lash‘s group, Barely Runcible took the title in 2014. This year Chris is entering FIST as part of Not About Your Dog with WIT Harold team members, Katie Ozog and Macey Schiff.


Colin Murchie won FIST in 2009 with team Not Mad, Disappointed, with fellow onesixtyone player Karin Hammerberg and Jackie player Michelle Swaney.

Photo by Darian Glover