People of the District: Strother Gaines

People of the District interview the multi-passioned entrepreneur Strother Gaines!


Friday July 10, 2020
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

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Come see DC differently through the eyes of a fascinating local resident in this interview and improv exploration of life in DC. First we interview a special guest about their life, their vocation and passions, and what makes DC special to them. Then we improvise a fun and freewheeling montage of scenes inspired by our interview. Produced by Erick Acuña, People of the District has a rotating cast for each show.


Cast: Derek Hayes, Tom Di Liberto, Katie Ozog, Darnell Eaton, Renan Snowden, Neil Baron, Rosie Grant

Strother Gaines is a business and personal coach for creative entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. He works with lawyers who just wanna dance, programmers who wish they were potters and undercover Yogi CFO’s to integrate their professional life with their authentic creative self. He is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a background in theatre, public speaking, education, sales, management, leadership and segway-tour-guiding. His private practice is called “But I’m a Unicorn, Dammit!” and he is passionately working to help as many people as possible own up to the fact that they’re a unique fu($!@& snowflake. He is the producing artistic director for DC’s only immersive theatre company – TBD Immersive.  Strother’s TEDx Talk has been viewed over 29,000 times and his work has been seen in person by over 30,000+ audience members.