People of the District: Diego Hernandez

People of the District interviews Diego Hernandez, a professor of English as a second language at a local community college.


Friday March 5, 2021
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

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Come see DC differently through the eyes of a fascinating local resident in this interview and improv exploration of life in DC. First, we interview a special guest about their life, their vocation and passions, and what makes DC special to them. Then we improvise a fun and freewheeling montage of scenes inspired by our interview. Produced by Erick Acuña, People of the District has a rotating cast for each show.

Cast: Erin Brown, Logan Charles, AnneLynn Gillian-Daniel, Lindsey Graylow, Danielle Lynch, Marybeth Mayo, Kristina Martinez



Diego Hernandez (he/him) grew up in Montgomery County and moved to Chicago and overseas before settling in DC proper in 2009. His job as a professor of English as a second language at a local community college has nothing to do with politics or the nonprofit sector, something he likes to remind people in places like the bio you’re reading right now. He didn’t grow up speaking Spanish but can sort of get by after learning Portuguese. He runs religiously in Rock Creek Park, and some of his favorite kitchen tools include a kitchen scale, a stovetop pressure cooker, and a heavy wooden cutting board so big nothing rolls off of it (the luxury!).