People of the District: Max Makovetsky

People of the District interview Max Makovetsky, a comedian and advertiser working at NPR.


Friday September 4, 2020
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

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Come see DC differently through the eyes of a fascinating local resident in this interview and improv exploration of life in DC. First we interview a special guest about their life, their vocation and passions, and what makes DC special to them. Then we improvise a fun and freewheeling montage of scenes inspired by our interview. Produced by Erick Acuña, People of the District has a rotating cast for each show.

Cast: Kristina Martinez, James Jelin, Christina Floriza, Neil Baron, Sophie de Bruijn, Erick Acuña


Max is a Comedian and Advertiser who just returned to Washington DC after spending the last 6-months quarantining with his parents and brother in Minneapolis, MN. When not working on the business side of NPR’s Podcast Lineup, Max enjoys playing pickleball, swinging a kettlebell, and submitting to The New Yorker caption contest with his roommates. Max has trained at WIT, Dojo, BIG, and Will Hines’ World Greatest Improv School. He’s a proud member of Harold Team Semiprecious, Trust Issues, Waterlosers (the FIST team that never was), and two virtual teams born out of the pandemic, Friday and Horn Baby. He has never seen The Lord of The Rings.

Twitter: @MaxMakovetsky
IG: @maxemax434