Nox! Performs La Ronde

Company ensemble Nox! bring sexiness and classiness to this completely improvised show in their own way.


Thursday September 10, 2020
8:00 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

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One of WIT’s most experienced ensembles takes on a new format: La Ronde! Adapted for virtual performance, this format showcases a daisy-chain of two-person relationships, exploring the fun and varied relationships that connect us all. The La Ronde format takes its name from French and German origins and a play that criticized the sexual morality and class ideology of its times. Nox! will bring sexiness and classiness to this completely improvised show in its own ways. As with any Nox! performance, you can expect comedic characters running the full range from outrageous to deadpan, and story fragments that add up to something funny, unexpected, and sometimes even profound.

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Meet Nox!

Nox! holds a funhouse mirror up to today’s society. Read More