Nox! featuring Hellcat and Sistine Robot

Come out to 14th Street where WIT's unpredictable improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show.


Saturday March 11, 2023
7:00 PM
$5.00 - $25.00


Nox! uses one event — such as a wedding, a book launch, or a carnival — to inspire a round of hilarious scenes. Each show has a broad swath of scene types, ranging from SNL-style skits to Adult Swim-style absurdity. As one of the longest-running troupes in DC, Nox! is a close-knit team that thrives on high-energy, memorable characters, and playing with both real and imagined worlds.

Hellcat is an all-female identifying group. We build improvised stories out of the truths and insights of the human experience, from those moments of despair and rage to the moments of elation, joy, and everything in between.

Sistine Robot is a 10+ years-running longform improv troupe based out of Washington, DC. We’re proof that robots CAN learn to love. Cast: Paul Hitlin, Jonathan Murphy, Joe Randazzo, Sara Rouhi, Kate Symes, Elise Webb

COVID safety

Masks are required for all patrons in WIT performance spaces. WIT encourages the use of medical-grade masks (like surgical masks). Please bring your own mask.

Accessibility information

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Photo by Jeff Salmore

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