Match 13: This is Not a Toy + Real Confessions + Brand Ambassadors + The 3rd Graders ft. iMusical

Cast your vote and decide which improvisers become the next FIST champions in Washington Improv Theater's legendary tournament.


Friday January 27, 2023
7:30 PM
$15.00 - $20.00

In WIT’s annual bracketed tournament, audiences get to vote for their favorite teams to advance.

The Competitors

This is Not a Toy: Alex Beard, Tara Demmy, Bethany Stokes, Chris Ulrich

Real Confessions: Daniel Calingaert, Carlic Huynh, Shawn Logue, Kris Vanyi

Brand Ambassadors: Emerson Elek French, Ola Komolafe, Cam Luther, Amira Moore

The 3rd Graders: Aaron Harris, Joann Harris, Micha’le Simmons, Tracie Turnipseed



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Photo by Jeff Salmore

Meet iMusical

iMusical joins the unpredictable playfulness of comedic improvisation with the emotional power of musical theater. Read More