Improv Jam

It's an improv jam! Mix it up with players of all experience levels.


Tuesday November 19, 2019
9:30 PM

Join the WIT community for a jam! Whether you’ve taken a WIT class before or if you’ve never set foot on stage, we invite you to have some fun with a new group of people.

The jam will be hosted by a Harold team member and run for roughly 30 minutes (it may go longer or shorter depending on the size of the group). Jams take place after select 8:30 PM Harold Night shows and there’s no cost to participate.

We want the jam to be a welcoming and safe space for everyone, so please play with mutual respect. The jam leader will go over the play guidelines and keep everything running smoothly.

We want the jam to be a welcoming and safe space for everyone. The leader will establish some ground rules to keep everyone safe and make sure our fun is not happening accidentally at the expense of someone else’s. Playing with mutual respect means that misogyny, racism, homophobia, and inappropriate touching are out of bounds for the jam.

We want to make space for EVERYONE to play, so we’ll share the stage without “steamrolling” scenes or dominating the jam.