ICDC: Shea Van Horn (aka Summer Camp)

ICDC interviews Shea Van Horn (aka the drag queen Summer Camp).


Friday May 1, 2020
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)


Come see DC differently through the eyes of a fascinating local resident in this interview and improv exploration of life in DC. First we interview a special guest about their life, their vocation and passions, and what makes DC special to them. Then we improvise a fun and freewheeling montage of scenes inspired by our interview. Produced by Erick Acuña, ICDC has a rotating cast for each show.


About the guest

Summer Camp is DC’s only drag queen who also is an award-winning DJ. She performs regularly at Gay/Bash, Town Danceboutique, and other clubs around town.

She host the annual event The Summer Games each summer. She has been performing for more than 20 years. Her career began in Seattle, WA, where she studied theatre at the University of Washington. While studying acting, dance, and voice, she began working with Dan Savage’s theatre group, Greek Active collaborating with the talented Ryan Landry of Provincetown’s Showgirls and Gold Dust Orphans. Her style is a campy yet glamorous mix of 1950s tipsy housewife, 1980s rocker chick, and pure art queen.

She runs Online Drag Storytime which features stories for children read by drag queens.