ICDC: Science Writer Jenny Splitter

ICDC interviews spoken word artist Charity Blackwell.


Friday May 8, 2020
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

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Come see DC differently through the eyes of a fascinating local resident in this interview and improv exploration of life in DC. First we interview a special guest about their life, their vocation and passions, and what makes DC special to them. Then we improvise a fun and freewheeling montage of scenes inspired by our interview. Produced by Erick Acuña, ICDC has a rotating cast for each show.

Cast: Dan Miller, Jenna Hall, Nic Small, Neil Baron, Erin Murray, Martin Steger, Brianna Lux, Erick Acuña.

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About the guest

Jenny is a freelance journalist who writes about food, farming and all things science. Her writing appears in Forbes, The Washington Post, Popular Mechanics, New York Magazine and Mental Floss and she is a managing editor of the science communication project, SciMoms. Jenny is also a playwright and artistic director of DC’s premier immersive experience company, TBD Immersive, as well as a storyteller who has performed with Story District, Perfect Liar’s Club and Story Collider. In her spare time, she carves ice sculptures and grows heirloom wheat. Just kidding, she has two kids.