Reunion: Blot / Wallawoo and Ghost Club

Reunited.... (and it feels so good)


Tuesday August 18, 2020
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

For 10 years, Washington Improv Theater has dedicated Tuesdays to paying homage to the world-famous longform improv format: the Harold. Now, we’re bringing back teams from Harold Night history for reunion shows!

Tune in to Facebook Live for a virtual show that will bring together teammates from around the world for an encore Harold performance. After the teams perform, we’ll invite them back for a short talkback and trip down memory lane.

No Facebook account needed to stream.

Tonight’s teams

Alumni from Blot and Wallawoo come together on this fateful night to present Wallablot.

Returning Cast Members of Blot:

  • Derek Hayes
  • Justine Hipsky
  • Michael Alvino
  • Nina Hsu
  • Rob Miller
  • Ryan Brookshire

Returning Cast Members of Wallawoo:

  • Geoff Blizard
  • Madeline Dunsmore
  • Nick Martinez
  • Nina Hsu

Returning Cast Members of Ghost Club:

  • Béatrice Leydier
  • Bethany Stokes
  • Eli Okun
  • Elizabeth Cutler
  • Elizabeth Mulkey
  • Hawk Haines
  • Heather Marie Vitale
  • Mark Abman
  • Sarah Wilson
Meet Blot

Look at this Blot and tell us what you see... your best friend from the third grade? A field of wildflowers swaying in the wind? Margaritas at lunch? Read More

Meet Wallawoo

Wallawoo is one of the newest Harold teams at Washington Improv Theater. Read More