Reunion: Ouroborous / Telenovela and AstroMom

Reunited.... (and it feels so good)


Tuesday September 29, 2020
7:30 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

For 10 years, Washington Improv Theater has dedicated Tuesdays to paying homage to the world-famous longform improv format: the Harold. Now, we’re bringing back teams from Harold Night history for reunion shows!

Tune in to Facebook Live for a virtual show that will bring together teammates from around the world for an encore Harold performance. After the teams perform, we’ll invite them back for a short talkback and trip down memory lane.

No Facebook account needed to stream.

Tonight’s teams

This week, Ouroborous and Telenovela alumni come together for a reunion mashup performance.

Returning Cast Members of Ouroborous:

  • Dan O’Neil
  • Elizabeth O’Neill
  • Paul Hitlin
  • Tom Achilles

Returning Cast Members of Telenovela:

  • Dan Miller
  • Jamie Bingner
  • Kate Symes
  • Scott Courlander

Returning Cast Members of AstroMom:

  • Donna Steele
  • Elizabeth Fulton
  • Marissa Goodstone
  • Mary Ann Badavi
  • Peter Narby
  • Robin Doody
  • Tom Di Liberto
  • Tony Lazzeroni
Meet AstroMom

Have you ever seen long-form improv performed in zero gravity? Neither have we. But it sounds tricky. Read More