Eight nights rolled into one!


Sunday December 22, 2019
5:30 PM
$15 in advance; $18 at the door

Every night at Seasonal Disorder is a wild, new experience! One night, you may see an improvised slasher movie (Die! Die! Die!) while another night you might be thrilled by the smarts and energy of WIT ensembles like Hellcat and Madeline.


We Know It’s Christmas
Christmas time for Jews is more than just Chinese food and a movie. Find out how we spend the season that starts abruptly at midnight November 1.
Cast: Sarah Armstrong, Geoff Blizard, Allyson Boate, Sarah Herhold, James Jelin, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Natalie Knazik, David Richman, Dan Rosenfield, and Lisa Silverman

Eight “Crazy” Nights
Chanukah is more than dreidel, chocolate coins, and eight days of presents (some of which will probably be socks). Our cast will share personal stories of Chanukahs past, the good, the bad, and the tragic, and perform scenes inspired by those stories.
Cast: Stacey Axler, Spencer Orenstein, Jordana Mishory, Macey Schiff, and more

An Improvised Retelling of the Story of Chanukah
The story of the miracle of Chanukah is already epic: battles, politics, miracle oil. What will this epic tale look like as a romantic comedy? Horror? Suspense thriller? Watch as our improvisers retell the story of Chanukah in a genre of the audience’s choosing.
Cast: Natalia Antas, Stacey Axler, James Jelin, Elizabeth Leff, Jordana Mishory, Eli Okun, Spencer Orenstein, Macey Schiff

Accessibility information

  • The black box theater at Source is ground-floor and wheelchair accessible. WIT can set aside wheelchair space upon request, with no need for the patron to reserve a specific seat.
  • Assisted listening devices are available upon request.
  • In order to provide a welcoming and supported experience, we encourage patrons who seek additional accessibility information or are in need of an assisted listening device to please contact us at wit@witdc.org or 202-204-7770.