For Love or Funny: Season 1 Reunion Show

The For Love or Funny - The Reunion Show is bringing back castmates from Season 1 to relive the best parts of the show.


Sunday May 2, 2021
7:00 PM
Free (donations appreciated)

Facebook Live:

Join creators and co-hosts Ray Simeon and Kacie Peterson while they sit down and chat with former contestants and participants to see what happened after the show ended.

We’ll recap each episode with members of that cast and ask them the important questions.

Did the love matches meet up? Were there other matches made that we didn’t see coming? What unexpected surprise did Ray and Kacie learn after the end of episode one? Have we cracked the code of DC dating? We’ll find out!

If you have a question for the cast or the hosts, send it to, or save it for the Facebook Chat on Sunday.

In the end, as always, we’ll discover if it was all For Love or Funny.


Stay tuned for a special announcement during the show!

For Love or Funny is out to help real singles find their mates by marrying improv and matchmaking into a hilarious new game show.

Interested in being on future shows? Fill out the application at The application is open to all singles looking to mingle.