Fat American Vampires + Pete Wolf + The Hypothesis + Student-Teacher Conference

Check out an eclectic mix of DC indie teams with a headlining performance featuring WIT faculty and WIT students.


Saturday April 1, 2023
5:00 PM
$0.00 - $20.00

Fat American Vampires plays fast and energetic! Have wacky fun with us as we find excuses to pull in specific things from the audience like your favorite (or least favorite) catchphrase or Halloween costume. Cast: Marie-Elise Diamond, Dylan Pfaff, Rachel Peniston, Erin Troland, Allison Wilson

A musical score can make or break a movie scene and Pete Wolf is bringing that same magic to the improv stage! Each actor will be paired with a musician whose playing will follow the actions and emotion of the actor. The audience will fully experience the crescendo of an argument, the trill of butterflies in a stomach, or just the natural melody of every day chores all improvised by actors and musicians! Cast: Lauren Gabel, Jenna Hall, Justine Hipsky, Jordana Mishory, Macey Schiff, Molly Scott, Christen Sparago, John Wambach, Simone Webster, Jane White

The Hypothesis combines science and improv to both inform and delight audiences. The Hypothesis format consists of the audience asking the performers a question (ex: How does memory work? Why is the sky blue? What happens in a black hole? Can you terraform Mars?), and players with the knowledge then attempt to answer it. The team consists of scientists and science enthusiasts with diverse science backgrounds — ranging from neuroscience to ecology, from climatology to psychology, and everything in between. Their three- to four-minute science answer both informs the audience and provides a basis for the following premise-based montage, which heightens and builds on itself as it goes.

COVID safety

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Photo by Jeff Salmore

The Hypothesis
Meet The Hypothesis

The Hypothesis combines science and improv to both inform and delight audiences. Read More