Bathtub Gin + Early Onset + The Gang’s All Queer + Student-Teacher Conference

Check out an eclectic mix of DC indie teams with a headlining performance featuring WIT faculty and WIT students.


Saturday March 11, 2023
5:00 PM
$0.00 - $20.00

Bathtub Gin brings their unique perspective to create a mix of tasty, hilarious, and riveting improv scenes! They start off with a suggestion from the audience- such as what was the weirdest dream you ever had? Cast: Matt Alexander, Liz Hoke, Stacey Axler, Hannah Piper, Kae Tvrdy

This improv set may cause Early Onset boomerisms. They are a gaggle of zillenials playing on your sense on nostalgia and childhood memories.  Will they remember your grandma’s favorite candy? Or will they think it’s a cartoon character? Cast: Allie Crump, Cameron How, Kunal Duggal, Madeline Dozier, Daniel Shanker, Marjanna Smith, Urmila Jarnadan

The Gang’s All Queer is performed in the style of a 90s sitcom, with cast members improvising an entire sitcom episode based on the audience’s suggestion of an episode title. Cast: Kevin Eggleston, Devin Hiett, Caroline Howe, Peter Jones, Mike Kopalek, Hannah Piper, Sophia Colon Roosevelt, Mikki Smith, Kae Tvrdy, Jane White

COVID safety

Masks are required for all patrons in performance spaces. WIT encourages the use of medical-grade masks (like surgical masks).

Accessibility information

To learn more about Studio Theatre’s accessibility, including wheelchair seating and assisted listening devices visit their accessibility page. If you have accessibility questions, please contact Studio’s box office at or 202.332.3300.

Photo by Jeff Salmore